Why Seeing Old Friends is the Best

When I returned home over winter break, I spent a lot of time with my friends from high school. There’s just something so comforting about seeing people you’ve known forever. They know your family and your dog. You've shared the same teachers, neighbors, and classmates. I’ve made some of my best friends at college but returning home to friends who knew the old me is so nice. Here are five reasons why seeing your old friends is the best!

1. You can laugh about all your embarrassing moments.

I’ve known most of my high school friends since kindergarten because I went to a kindergarten through grade twelve school, which means they’ve seen all my life stages. So when we get together, we all laugh about prom sophomore year, the tennis season, and our middle school dances.

2. Their moms are just as fun as your friends.

I love seeing my friends’ moms when I’m home. They want to hear all the gossip and usually make the best food. Also, they have the best advice! One friend's mom makes the best monster cookies, and I look forward to them each time. Once, her mom sent them to me at college!

3. You get to see how everyone has changed.

It’s so interesting to meet up with your high school friends and see who has changed the most, who has a boyfriend or girlfriend, and who is exactly the same. It’s good to catch up and learn how everybody is doing at their new schools!

4. Their advice is always helpful.

No matter how far away we are or how many new people I meet, I always seek my old friends’ advice. They know me better than my college friends, and they give honest and smart advice on boys, friends, and academics.

5. Talking to the boy you had a crush on isn’t scary anymore. 

When I went home and saw the boy I used to like, I laughed to myself because I used to be so nervous to talk to him. This time I wasn’t nervous to talk to him at all! My world has expanded so much since high school graduation that I’ve talked to so many cute boys, and worrying about talking to one isn’t as big of a deal anymore.

So next time you’re in a jam or just feeling homesick, go FaceTime your high school friends!!


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