Why The Royals' Princess Eleanor Is the Most Fashionable Character on TV

For those of you who don't know, The Royals is a new drama series that premiered this year on E!. The show follows the scandalous lives of the English royal family. Loosely based on Hamlet and containing more over-the-top twists and shocking murders than a telenovela, the show stars Elizabeth Hurley as the scheming Queen Helena and her two troublemaking twin children: Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor. If the melodramatic plot lines aren’t enough to keep your attention drawn to the screen, you’ll at least want to stick around for the real star of the series: Princess Eleanor’s amazing wardrobe.

At one point she even hosts her own alternative fashion show as an act of rebellion to compete with her mother’s more traditional fashion event.  

While Kate Middleton might be a real-life fashion icon for her classically polished looks, her fictional counterpart’s style is much more punk than polished. The show’s wardrobe designers have gone on record saying they mix-and-match pieces from H&M with more high-end British designers like AllSaints to achieve Eleanor’s fresh and risque style. 

You definitely don’t need to have access to a royal trust fund to achieve her look—just confidence, lots of eyeliner, and a few key pieces.  

Eleanor’s party girl ways have her in tons of memorable, sparkly dresses including this micro silver number from the pilot, and this gorgeous metallic silver skater dress from Topshop.  

Her day-to-day outfits tend consist of black skirts, customized rock band tank tops, and lace-up boots. Layers of jewelry and lots of motorcycle jackets are also a must!

This edgy yellow one.

And this unique red and black leather design were particularly envy-worthy.  

So, if The Royals has you wanting to dress like a princess, ditch the gowns and tiaras and pull out the concert tees and leather minis!