Why Riverdale is the Best and Worst Show Ever

Netflix kicked off 2017 with releasing hit show Riverdale, based on Archie Comics. The show features new, young actors KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes while bringing back childhood favorite Cole Sprouse — but this time we’re not in the Tipton anymore.  

Archie is an emotionally-confused teenager who had a sexual relationship with the Riverdale High School’s music teacher in the start of the show. However, he finished season one in bed with Veronica, the new rich girl from New York with an enormous attitude. Betty, Archie’s best friend, is toying with her innocence. She engages in an intense relationship with Jughead Jones, the mysterious writer that no one can quite figure out.

This group of sophomores navigates the chilling questions of their town, such as the rollercoaster murder case of Jason Blossom, son of the richest family in Riverdale.

The whole storyline is great. We have mystery, dynamic characters, and crazy families. What could be better? The show definitely keeps you on your toes until the very last second of the very last episode of season one. If you watched that last episode and your heart wasn’t beating a mile a minute, nothing can faze you. 

Besides the suspense, Riverdale’s actors are crazy good-looking. It just seems like Riverdale, as morally messed up as it is, has the most attractive inhabitants. Even the parents are attractive. Sheriff Keller, who is only ever around to bring bad news, is smoldering. Literally, everyone is beautiful. It’s annoying.

Everyone started watching Riverdale the moment it came out and became immediately obsessed. In my case, I waited until the end of the summer to watch. My boyfriend and I were looking for a show to watch at the same time and I suggested Riverdale, insisting it was good. He grudgingly agreed, hating me every minute of the first episode. Then we were hooked.

The show is great for a whole bunch of reasons. The characters are good, and the storyline is beyond thrilling. It can hook even the most begrudging of boyfriends. But quite possibly the best thing about Riverdale is that it’s the worst show ever.

First of all, these characters are sophomores. That means they are 15. These 15-year-olds are going around breaking into houses, looking for evidence in a murder case, torturing some guy in a hot tub, having sexual encounters and literally doing everything a full-grown adult in a soap opera.  

Sure, they’re keeping with the times of young people acting way older than they are. But, come on — sophomores? Seems a little extreme to me. Betty is all over the place, telling Jughead she loves him after like five minutes of dating. Get real. But also, I completely ship it.

It’s all just so dramatic. Everything is the biggest deal. Like Cheryl walking into Jason’s funeral procession wearing the same white dress she wore when he went missing. Nothing ever just happens in Riverdale without a huge production or a massive, friendship-destroying fight. What makes it better is that the acting is extremely sub-par. Annoying? Yes. Do I want that to end? Of course not.

Riverdale is probably one of the most frustrating shows to ever be on television. How could something so bad be so good? No one will ever know. Thank goodness season two is back with more drama than ever.