Why Non-Romantic Love is Just as Important to Celebrate on Valentine's Day

I love love just as much as the next person. However, occasionally during this time of year I tend to only think of ‘love’ in its romantic form and forget to appreciate (and celebrate) it in its most consistent form: platonic love. But there’s so much more love in my life than that; My family, friends, mentors, etc. Now, when there’s so much love in the air, it’s important to celebrate the non-romantic, or platonic, love in your life. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Because everyone you love, not only your partner, is deserving of your appreciation and celebration during the ‘season of love’.

While there are other dedicated days for those people (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Best Friends Day, etc.) It’s important to celebrate them and all they do for you year-round.

2. Because platonic love is the most constant form of love in your life.

Whether it be your family, friends, or mentors, they’ve been there for you through all your ups and downs. In my own experience, my family and friends have been the ones who’ve weathered storms with me and loved me even when I wasn’t very deserving of it.

3. Because platonic love is the purest form of love.

When you love your friends, family, and mentors, you tend to love them unconditionally and have nothing to gain from it. While this is true about romantic love as well, platonic love is never influenced by sexual or physical attraction.

4. Because the people who platonically love you are the ones who help you grow.

Someone once told me “When you platonically love someone, you’re not afraid to fight. When you romantically love someone, you’re willing to find a compromise.” These people are the people that are the most honest with you and have helped you become a better version of yourself.

5. Because why not! The people you love, and who love you, define who you are.

They helped shape the person you are today and will be with you when you grow. You should celebrate them for what they’ve contributed to the person you are today.

So make sure to take a little time to celebrate all the non-romantic loves of your life. Even simply reminding someone about how much you love and appreciate them can make their day or week. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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