Why the Netflix Show Sex Education is Important

With a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, the new Netflix show Sex Education has made an impact on all who binge-watch it. Not only is the plot line incredibly enjoyable and exciting, but the nuances that carry throughout allow the show to impact its viewers on a variety of levels.

Not only does the show create a platform for open conversations about sex, but it also allows sex to be defined differently for each of the characters. Rather than focusing on the physicality of sex, Otis (the main character) finds himself providing his clients with heartfelt advice. The maturity that surrounds these types of conversations not only bring their importance into light, but also holds the viewers to the same level of maturity when having these conversations themselves. There is clearly much thought put into this show, as there should be. Rather than discussing sex as some blasé topic, the show allows teenagers, high schoolers even, to engage in both casual and relationship-based sex in a healthy manner. Not only does this break countless stigmas around sex, but it also provides viewers with thought-provoking questions and ideas about their own sex life – or lack thereof.

The show is so successful because of the way in which it is crafted. Within the first episode, I found myself intrigued by the setting itself. I was bewildered by both the time period and location. Even still, the vagueness surrounding the setting allows the characters and storyline to be applicable to anyone. Although the characters are in high school, their stories and histories never felt separate from my own. Rather than zeroing in on a particular audience, the show is able to be relatable and enjoyable to viewers of all ages.

Credit: Netflix

One of my favorite aspects of the show were the characters. Each was written and created with care, having their own arcs within the storyline. Every character from Otis himself to the minor characters are multi-dimensional and unique. The representation of LGBTQ+ characters within the show is phenomenal as well. The show handles representation and the conversation around it without throwing characters of different identities and races in the viewer’s face. The show merely presents relationships between those in the LGBTQ+ community in an accurate way. Specifically, the scene in which Eric is assaulted while dressed in drag is incredibly unsettling. Rather than discussing the difference between Otis and Eric’s experience in drag, the show presents the harsh reality that exists in our world. This allows viewers to see this and understand the issues rather than being told about the issues.

There are so many aspects of this show that are important, and not nearly enough time to work through them all. Even still, this show deserves praise and excitement. I myself am planning on binge-watching it over again and would encourage everyone to take part in the conversation the show is sparking.


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