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Why My Dog is My Greatest Inspiration

My dog is a six-year-old black Labrador and Border Collie mix with beautiful brown eyes and fluffy fur that sheds like crazy. Alvin is more than a dog; he is a member of our family, my best friend, and role model. 

We rescued Alvin when he was about 3 months old; prior to this, we knew he might have had some issues as he was prematurely taken from his mother. The couple who owned him before he ended up at the animal rescue had kept him locked in a cage all day. He was shown no love at a time when he needed it more than ever, and he was not taken care of properly. We believe that he was abused. Alvin faced a lot of adversity early in his life, so I am thankful he eventually ended up in my arms so I could show him the love he deserved. 

Here’s where Alvin really begins to inspire. Despite everything he has been through, his tail is always wagging and he is always excited for the next adventure. He was once afraid of water, but now he doesn’t just swim, he cheerfully takes boat rides and walks into the waves himself. Alvin always dances in the rain and loves to feel the wind rush through his ear hairs. 

Sure, he has his quirks… but don’t we all? He may bark at people when they walk through the front door, putting on a big scary front, but behind that, he is a sweet, sensitive, and incredibly loving dog. Anyone who knows Alvin knows that he is one of a kind!

Alvin has shown me that life is short, so you may as well just have fun while you can. He has taught me that you can overcome the worst circumstances and end up somewhere wonderful because of them. His openness to love has proven that it is okay to be vulnerable; he has shown me how to make it through the worst of a storm – even if it means hiding in the shower. Lucky for me, he has taught me how to be a best friend. He is always there for me and always eager to provide a hug when needed. 

Dogs are more than just pets; they can be your guide through life and the happiest of companions. So, if you need a bit of inspiration this week, look to the furry friends in your life – I promise they won’t let you down. 


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Emma is an English major at Boston University. She hopes to have a novel published and write for a sketch comedy show one day. In her free time she reads, writes, and paints. She loves to make people laugh and fully believes in aliens.
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