Why It's Important to Get Out of the BU Bubble

While it may be easy and comfortable to stay within BU’s campus, it is so important to get out of that bubble and see what else Boston has to offer. For your own mental health and happiness, getting off campus is something every stressed student needs to do.

  1. 1. Explore different areas

    Getting out of BU and exploring the different areas of Boston is so refreshing and important for your mind and attitude. Whether it be to the North End to eat amazing food, Newbury Street for some shopping and coffee, or Brookline for some walking and pretty sights, exploring these different areas makes you realize just how much there is in Boston besides Commonwealth Ave. There are so many amazing places in Boston––it would be a shame not to go out and explore them!

  2. 2. Find new study spaces

    Every BU student is naturally buried in loads of work, so it is helpful to find new study spots where you can focus and be in a new place. For example, the Boston Public Library is an amazing spot to sit and do work––there is a cafe on the bottom floor, a new and updated area of desks and work spots, and the old part where the architecture is simply beautiful. Sitting in Bates Hall is a magical experience with the carved ceiling, the grand windows, and the old wooden tables lit by green lamps. There are hundreds of other cool cafes and bookstores to do work in Boston, so go find them!

  3. 3. Eat actual food (that's much better than the dining hall)

    In terms of food, Boston has some of the best. Any trip to the North End will prove this fact––I highly recommend Regina Pizzeria, which was named the best pizzeria in the country by The Boston Globe. There are so many other amazing food places––just take a trip to Chinatown or by the Boston Harbor and you’ll find a never-ending supply of different food. And let’s face it, dining hall food isn’t satisfying anyone.

  4. 4. Experience different cultures

    Being a large city full of rich history and bustling people, Boston has an immense amount of culture. Whether it be Chinatown, the Italian section of the North End, or the Irish South End, there is so much to explore in these different areas. Immerse yourself in a new culture, try a new restaurant, go to a show with your friends––there is so much to do!

For all of the reasons above, it is so important to get out of the BU Bubble and experience all that Boston holds. There is a place and a home here for everyone. Get out of that bubble and meet new people!


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