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Why I’m Thankful For My Sorority

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on how my life has changed and progressed within the past year. I’ve moved across the country, traveled abroad and lived overseas by myself, and had some really, really fun times. But, what stands out most to me are the meaningful friendships I’ve made through my sorority.

I’ve been an official member for a year now, and during my first recruitment, I was reminded how lucky I am that I ended up in the sorority I did. I’ve met some of my best friends. We are constantly laughing. Seriously, I’m sorry for everyone sitting near us in the library. I am completely myself with them. Almost all of my favorite memories from college are with them. Whether we’re studying in the library, texting or snapchatting in one of our group chats, or going out at night, it’s always a good time.

It’s funny looking back at photos from a year ago when we were all just thrown together. It’s also funny that a sorority can craft a pledge class and it somehow works out and you find some of your closest friends. But, then again, life is so weird.

I would have never believed my life could be this fun or full during my senior year of high school. I never thought I’d make such good friends or that I would be so fun and outgoing and brave.

The trouble with college is that you meet so many people, and they’re all from different parts of the world. Eventually, you find your heart scattered across the globe and going home again is never really the same because home is where your loved ones are, and your loved ones aren’t all in one place anymore.

Although most of this year has been fun and games, there have been some tricky situations in my life, and my sorority sisters are part of the reason I’m still at BU. College can be really hard sometimes. If there’s anything I’ve learned this past year, it’s that nothing goes the way you expect it to go. People change and circumstances change and things will be thrown at you that you don’t know how to handle. Through it all, they’ve given me unconditional support. Sometimes it seems like they believe in me more than I believe in myself.

I never used to believe it when people would say their sorority sisters were like family. I thought it sounded cliché, but it’s true. I feel so loved, and that’s really what being in a sorority is all about.

So, thank you to Sigma Kappa BU for bringing us all together. I am so grateful.


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