Why I'm Obsessed With SNS Powder Dip Manicures

Over the past few years, I have been getting manicures regularly. I’ve played around with all different types of manicures, and most recently I’ve been trying out dip powder. Dip powder has changed the game for me! I first tried it out this summer and have seen some real and amazing results in my nails. 

Photo Credit: Elle

First off, my nails have become stronger! Whether you’re into having long or short nails, having a strong base is super important. I used to struggle with gel manicures because when my polish chipped my nail would usually break soon after. With dip, however, the powder is strong and long-lasting, so my nails are able to grow and stay super healthy! 

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Manicure

Second, the dip powder has a less intense odor compared to gel polish. This may not be a huge deal-breaker for everyone, but if you’re sensitive to fumes and/or don’t care for the strong chemical smell of gel polish, dip powder is the choice for you!

Photo Credit: DH Gate

Finally, when drying your nails after the manicure is complete, no UV light is necessary! UV lights are dangerous on the skin, so the absence of this harsh light is much safer to use.

Credit: Sparkly Polish

Dip powder has become a must for my manicure. If you’re looking to change up your manicure routine, I totally recommend giving this technique a try. Good luck!

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