Why I'm Glad I Kept My Two Best Friends From High School

When students graduate from high school and go their separate ways, it’s easy to lose contact with friends who you no longer see every day. But distance, although it can be difficult, can never break the strongest of bonds, and I’m so fortunate to be able to say I am still close with my two best friends from high school. I mainly look forward to my future, but I have such wonderful memories with them that I can’t help but look back. Our inside jokes, thinking of our adventures together, and thinking of seeing them in the hallway always brings a smile to my face.

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From high school to college, we have watched each other grow and evolve over these significantly formative times. I have yet to meet anyone who understands me better or even just as well as they do. I trust them immensely, and I have felt comfortable enough to tell them secrets. Whenever I feel upset or even just like talking about something, they are willing to listen, to offer insight, and to support me—and I always support them as well. Even though they’re far away I know they are always just a text or a Snapchat away; I feel comforted knowing that they are here for me even if they are not physically here.

I have endured some terribly lonely times as an undergraduate so far, spending several weekend evenings alone when I wished I could be out exploring the city with BU peers. Reaching out to them, however, made me feel so much less lonely and reminded me there are people out in this world––although not right here––who value and care about me, as I value and care about them. 

They are both gifted, intelligent individuals, and I know they are destined for great things. I miss them terribly but I’m so glad that they’re both studying and finding their place in the world, inching closer and closer toward their full potential. I enjoy learning about their lives, and I always wish the very best for them.  

Though I’m so glad and so lucky to have these two wonderful women in my life, my relationships with both of them have not been easy. Though I’ve never had a proper argument with either of them, I’ve been very jealous of one, and at one point I was not sure how much I could reveal about my life to the other. But as I grew, I learned to accept that everyone has different strengths and different life paths, so I began to shed the jealousy. And over time, my other best friend and I built an incredibly trusting friendship. I know I can trust these wonderful women with just about anything.  

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I hope that all of you reading this have found or will find friends who are as dependable, kind, and understanding as my two best friends from high school. Though we met as teenagers I know our friendship is meaningful and could last a lifetime, and I know I am willing to put in the effort to ensure this happens. And to them, I want to say thank you so very much for listening to me, for understanding me, and for all of the wonderful memories. I can’t wait to make some more. 


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