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Why I Wear Sneakers: A Poem

I’ve always liked going

sneaker shopping with my dad.

We both have good taste

And are honest with each other,

And we’re concerned with sneakers

And that’s it.


He’ll tease me for gravitating towards

Pink sneaks or anything pastel.

I’ll tell him I like pink

Because it looks really good with denim

Because it makes me feel radiant

Because I like it.

I’ve always loved shoes

More than any other piece of clothing.

Sneakers have always been my favorite.

You can get a lot of mileage in them,

You have a variety of styles to choose from,

You feel comfortable.


There have been phases where

I hated how much I loved sneakers.

Ballet flats, heels, mary janes: I should like those.

Girls shouldn’t be into tennis shoes, I thought.

Girls should dress like princesses, I thought.

Girls should be girly.

So I tried wearing “women’s shoes” instead.

I wore Chinese ballet flats that

Would break because my feet aren’t familiar with fragility.

Heels were the absolute worst: Heels gave me blisters, bruises, and bunions,

Heels just aren’t who I am.


Then I realized those liking sneakers

Didn’t make me less of a woman;

Clothing isn’t the gender dictator.

It is the vehicle to drive fashion flare.

It is my presence while walking the streets.

It is my personality while wearing pink sneaks.

I wear sneakers because I have

The power and the freedom to;

It’s on my body so it’s my choice.

Sneakers make me feel free,

Sneakers embody my personality,

Sneakers are who I am.


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Noelle Monge is currently a senior in CAS, studying English. She loves earl grey-flavored treats and things that taste like fall, Broad City (#yas), and millennial pink anything. She's a Guam girl living in the always busy, eternally beautiful city of Boston. Hafa Adai all day!
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