Why I Miss Phone Calls

Okay, so I know I’m contradicting pretty much every millennial out there when I say I prefer phone calls to text messaging. In a generation of college students who are glued to their phones, and have developed the ability to text and walk at the same time, you don’t often see teens or twenty-somethings chatting on their phones. However, there are so many reasons to take the time and turn a text into a call! 

1. Phone Calls Are Way More Personal 

You have to admit, whenever someone makes the effort to pick up the phone and call you, whether it’s to share exciting news or just to chat, it really makes you feel like the person values your relationship. Hearing someone else’s voice, rather than just reading a message on a screen, makes the conversation so much more intimate and often times more worthwhile.   

2. You Can Instantly Clear Up Any Misunderstandings  


Everyone has definitely received that text message that just reads “K,” and have seen how that one simple letter can spiral into a whole debate about whether it’s supposed to be sassy or just a short-and-sweet reply. When you’re talking to someone on the phone, you can hear his or her tone of voice, making it much easier to interpret when someone is throwing some serious shade.   

3. It Really Does Make Long-Distance Easier 

As a college student living away from home, it can be hard to maintain your relationships with family and friends. Hearing another person’s voice and being able to exchange stories without the lapse in time it takes to type out a text can really help make the distance seem shorter!   

The next time you’re thinking of sending a text to your BFF about the newest hottie on campus, why not dial her digits instead?