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Why I Love Revlon Lip Butters

I have a new obsession- Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters. Revlon introduced them last year, and usually after buying a new beauty product I’ll tire of it quickly, but not with these Lip Butters. These little gems are amazing and here’s why:

Smoothness. Unlike other lipsticks or balms I’ve tried, Lip Butter goes on your lips really smoothly… hence the name “butter”. The texture is a cross between a lipstick and a balm. You get the great color of a lipstick but with the smoothness of a balm all in one product. The Lip Butters moisturize and hydrate your lips like a creamy chapstick, without feeling thick.

Every Shade Imaginable. There are exactly twenty shades of Revlon Lip Butters (and yes, my goal is to someday own the entire collection). Some shades are sheerer than others and some have deeper tones, while others even have tiny shimmers to give a little extra shine. Here’s the list of all twenty shades (they come in delicious names too):

1. Berry Smoothie
2. Brown Sugar
3. Candy Apple
4. Cherry Tart
5. Cotton Candy
6. Creamsicle
7. Crème Brulee
8. Cupcake
9. Fig Jam
10. Gumdrop
11. Lollipop
12. Peach Parfait
13. Pink Truffle
14. Raspberry Pie
15. Red Velvet
16. Strawberry Shortcake
17. Sugar Frosting
18. Sugar Plum
19. Sweet Tart
20. Tutti Frutti

My favorites are Pink Truffle, Raspberry Pie, Sugar Plum, Red Velvet, Peach Parfait, and Candy Apple. Pink Truffle is the shade many refer to as “your lips but better.” It’s the most natural shade and looks good on everyone—a simple medium pink with a slight light brown pigment, this shade looks perfect for every time of year. Raspberry Pie is the most opaque shade that I own; you don’t need to apply many coats. Deeper than some of the others, Raspberry Pie is also quite vibrant. Sugar Plum is the best purple of the bunch and great for the fall. Red Velvet is a deep red and awesome for a night out! It also is somewhat opaque; so one or two shades will suffice. Peach Parfait is my newest favorite. Although it was great for the summer, you can wear it during the day even during these early, crisp days of autumn. This shade has the shimmer beads in it so it gives an extra sparkle to your lips, but nothing over-the-top. Lastly, Candy Apple is by far the brightest shade I own. It’s a cross between an orange and a red and has that “just-bitten” look. If you’re into bright colors you will rock this one!

Sheerness. Most of the twenty shades of Lip Butters are relatively sheer, meaning you can apply as many coats as you want without it looking over-done. Some are more opaque or sheerer than others, so, depending on the shade, you’ll have to gauge how much to apply. Because of the sheerness in the Lip Butters you can apply them more often like a chapstick but still get a burst of color. Especially with shades like Peach Parfait you can apply multiple layers and it won’t feel too thick and the color won’t be too dark.

Clear tops on the tubes. The clear tops on the Lip Butters are one of my favorite features. Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the store and you buy a shade of lipstick, only to try it on later and it looks totally different from the color swatch? Well the Revlon Lip Butters have a clear top on the tube so you can actually see the shade of the Lip butter before buying it. Thanks Revlon!

You can buy them at CVS. I absolutely love this about the Lip Butters. I’ll admit I enjoy all my Sephora purchases, however, being able to buy an awesome lipstick that retails for only about $7 at a drugstore feels awesome. That’s why I have so many (and the collection keeps growing)—it’s easy to just go into the nearest drugstore (two CVS’s on campus) and buy out the whole rack of Revlon Lip Butters because each one is so cheap. They are such a great deal!

If you haven’t experienced the amazingness of Revlon Lip Butters you definitely should be. Try it out and tell me which one is your favorite!

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