Why Girls Get Their Nails Done

“Why do girls even get their nails done?”

This is the question that every boy in my life has asked me whenever I say, “I want to get my nails done!" 

I never had a real answer before, other than, “I just want to, okay?” However, after my second year of college 2,000 miles away from home and multiple salon trips, I can confidently say that I have come up with five solid reasons of why I believe girls get their nails done.

1. It’s a place to calm your mind.

The nail salon is probably one of the most underrated areas that girls go to relax. Whenever you walk in, everyone is so kind and you feel like you left all of your responsibilities at the door. It’s one of the best feelings! In college, we don’t really have a lot of time for self-care or relaxation, so whenever we get a couple hours of downtime, the salon is the place to go!

2. Best way to treat yourself after a hard week.

I don’t know about you guys but with school, work, and interning, some weeks get pretty difficult, to say the least. Having a place where someone else can take care of me is the best thing ever! You don’t have to worry about your crazy schedule because this retreat is something you scheduled in!

3. You get this homey feeling when you walk in.

Maybe this is just me, but whenever I walk into a salon it reminds me of the one I have back home. I feel a little more comfortable and relaxed because I know exactly what will happen. There aren’t any tricks or surprises. I’m getting my nails painted and cleaned. That’s all there is to it. And for some reason, that’s really comforting.

4. You don’t have to think about anything but what show to watch.

Shutting your mind off when you walk in has to be one of the prime reasons people choose to go to the salon. You’re not nervous, you are just here for the small talk or watching your favorite episode. The world is very simple once you walk into your nail salon oasis.

5. Best confidence booster ever!

This is the biggest fact ever!! Every time I get my nails done, I feel confident and powerful. After the salon, I know that my life might be a mess but my nails aren’t. Nails that are colored and done boosts my confidence way more than it should, but that’s alright. Because every once in a while, we all need a good pick me up, right?

Your nails can be a source of empowerment, relaxation, self-care, stress-relief or happiness. I’m so tired of people telling saying that getting your nails done is too expensive or unnecessary. It’s never too expensive or unnecessary for you to feel happy as a stressed-out college gal. Remember that and go get your nails done, ladies!


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