Why Friendsgiving Should Be A Necessary Tradition

When Friendsgiving became a trend, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not it was worth the hype. After experiencing a few different Friendsgivings in recent years, I can now say with confidence that coming together with the people you love for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner is nothing short of brilliant.

Friendsgiving gives you an excuse to cook and eat that delicious signature meal twice in one year instead of just once. Making the meal with your closest friends can be stressful, hilarious, and amazing. While you are at risk of having too many cooks in the kitchen on the day of Friendsgiving, this can be avoided by having each person bring one dish. By making it buffet style with all of your friends’ contributions, the stress is taken off of the host or hostess, and everyone is able to focus on perfecting one part of the meal.

Some people may wonder, what’s the point of recreating Thanksgiving with your friends? They may also ask why they cannot simply host a normal dinner for their friends, get dressed up, and have the same experience. This is because celebrating Thanksgiving, a holiday generally seen as a family event, with friends makes it feel more special.

When you come together with your friends to celebrate and appreciate each other’s company, your relationship is taken to the next level. You get an excuse to be open about how grateful you feel to be in each other’s lives. It can also be a wonderful time to get together with friends you may not get to see often and reestablish your connection.

For many people, their friends are their chosen family. Friendsgiving is a time for them to celebrate the holiday with the people they feel closest. It is important to remember the different and complex family dynamics of the people you know in order to understand what Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving means to them. 

Whether it is this year or next year, try to organize a Friendsgiving for you and your favorite people. You will be glad to have an excuse to celebrate each other, and eat a great meal while you are at it!


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