Why Forbes is a Daily Must-Read

With 34 licensed editions and written in 27 languages, Forbes has many sections covering all aspects of business, travel, innovation and many more. From startups to conglomerate giants, you’ll never leave the magazine without new knowledge. These are some of my favorite sections and topics within in it that you should absolutely check out!

  1. 1. Innovation

    Android Phone App Blur Business

    This section will keep you up to date with all new emerging social platforms.

  2. 2. Business

    blue notebook saying my secret plan to rule the world on cover with pink background

    Check this one out for information on media, retail, and e-commerce news.

  3. 3. Women 

    Laptop with white mug that says the future is female with a lipstick mark

    Who isn't interested in some real-life role models of women empowerment? 

  4. 4. Travel

    Anete Lusina

    I absolutely love this section! This is an excellent source of inspiration for your next travel getaway.

  5. 5. America’s Richest Self-Made Women

    Chloe S

    The title here speaks for itself. This is definitely a must-read. 

  6. 6. Billionaires

    stack of money

    It's always fascinating to read about the pioneers and giants of major industries.

Within the topic sections, Forbes also has profiles, which are articles based on a person and the field in which they’re making a difference. Just yesterday I read about Melanie Perkins. Many know and use Canva, a college-favorite design program, but not many know the CEO behind the popular design app–Melanie Perkins. I loved learning about Canva’s beginnings and journey to what it is known as today. 

Ultimately, I love that Forbes covers all businesses, from traditional ones such as oil giants to new, innovative CBD startups. It clearly shows that business is and can be for everyone. Forbes goes beyond being just a business magazine; it really encompasses all aspects of life. As someone who loves information, among my favorites are their articles providing reading recommendations and traveling guides.

Forbes is a perfect addition to your high school or college education. In many educational institutions, classes such as taxes and personal finance are not required, although I firmly believe they should be. With Forbes, along with knowledge about these important real-life topics, you’ll gain a new perspective on them that is essential post-graduation.

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