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Why Eye Masks are the Best Invention Ever!

Have you seen those pictures of people being peaceful in eye masks?

Photo Credit: Respectable Reviews

I didn’t believe in this whole ~relaxation~ the eye masks could create so I decided to try it for myself this semester, and let me tell you: it’s life-changing.

For those of you who questioned eye masks like myself, or are interested in purchasing one, I thought I’d put a list as to why they are now my essential product!

1. There are so many different types that cater to a variety of needs!

I can’t even begin to list all the different types of eye masks there are. From silk to gel to silicone to flavored to scented, your opportunities are endless. My favorite is the cotton eye mask because I can wear it whenever I travel and it blocks out all the light and keeps my eyes from getting puffy.

Here are some others I like!

Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask: a Godsend

Photo Credit: Sephora

I’m honestly a sucker for anything that allows me to sleep with them on and avocados, so this mask is my two worlds coming together. I highly recommend this eye mask, especially if you want a little bit of glossiness around your eyes. 10/10

Laniege Eye Sleeping Mask

Photo Credit: Sephora

Another sleeping mask; however, this one is more of a gel and it sticks to the skin really well. I swear, the next morning you are going to have a dewy glow and those dark circles under your eyes are going to disappear. Spoiler: if you buy this, since its self-applicable, the eye mask serum can last you so long!

Sleep Mask by LKY Digital

Photo Credit: Amazon

This is the one I have and if you’re someone looking to knock out whenever you can, this is the eye mask FOR YOU. It keeps out the light completely and it comes in a pack of three. You can keep one on you at all times for the quick naps, one in your dorm and one at home! You’ll always be prepared for a good nap!

2. They DO help with eye bags (Kir tested!)

I know this is how you are looking at the BOLD statement I just made, but I tried it and it surely works. I wish I took pictures of the progress as my eye bags went down in size. However, I could clearly tell and so could my family. I wore the last eye mask in the list below and I can confidently say my dark circles and face loved me for it!

So, if you are someone like me who has been struggling with eye bags, this might just be something you try out to see if it helps at all.

3. They are financially sustainable.

I know we all wish we were like this, but we are all broke college kids, so I don’t expect any of you to buy anything that is not affordable. For girls, this is like that setting spray that lasts you over a year because some eye masks don’t run out quickly. For boys, this is like your favorite hair product that you will MAKE last more than a year.

That makes these: incredibly sustainable! Also, some are literal cloth so they last you forever. I have friends who use eye masks from ages ago and they are still perfect. So as for expenses, eye masks are definitely cost-effective.

4. They smell incredible!

If you haven’t yet, go get one and smell them. They are filled with so many unique oils so since they are tiny, they are so concentrated. It’s an incredibly good-smelling jelly… what more could you want in life? With some tea and music, that scent is the perfect way to end your night.

5. The afterglow lasts forever!

It’s everlasting and it is beautiful. If you ever need a little touch-up gloss before a big party or a good night’s rest, this is THE product for you. I swear, my afterglow has lasted like four days after doing a jelly eye mask. That gif up there will be us after you go get yourself one!

If you’ve ever thought of getting an eye mask, I say: go for it! It’s an incredible decision and now it’s something that I can’t go without. I honestly feel so fresh after putting them on and I hope you get that feeling as well.


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