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Why Dr. Martens are the Perfect Fall Boot

As the weather is getting colder in the northeast, locals have begun to bust out their winter boots. Finding a boot that is warm enough for the weather, comfy enough for long walks, and stylish enough for your cute fall outfits can be a struggle; Luckily, your search is over with Dr. Martens. First made in 1947 in Germany, this was a true fashion trend from decades ago that is making a strong comeback.

This premium leather shoe has come back into the light within the last few years. With a wide range of new colors and styles, Dr. Martens are selling out all over. I grew up with both my parents wearing Dr. Martens (true fashion icons), and then started wearing them myself back in middle school… and haven’t stopped since. Representing a true era of rock and roll grunge, it is easy to pair these boots with whatever outfit you can think of. Chunky sweaters and ripped jeans to knee-high socks and dresses, they may be one of the most diverse combat boots out there. The fan favorite is the classic black leather 1460 smooth, these basic tie-up boots come right above your ankle and can combat whatever weather you throw at it. Walking through mud, snow and even rain, (I would suggest a light weatherproofing if you intend on hiking through torrential downpours) this shoe can truly do it all.

Credit: Dr. Martens 

My trusty red leather Dr. Martens have lasted a long 6 years since I first got them. The best part about these shoes is that the more broken in they look, the better. The leather softens over time and the rugged look of soft and scratched leather embodies the “grunge” look they are meant to show. My mere 6 years is nothing compared to the longer lifespans of 15-20 years that these boots can endure. If you’re worried about the price tag ($140 for the classic boot) fear not, these boots are not just a purchase, but an investment. Providing you with comfort, durability, and style, these are a must-have.

Even if the classic boot is not for you, there are plenty more styles to choose from. They have everything from fur lined to floral boots. Although the classic boot is the most popular, the grand selection has something for everyone, they even have a new line of vegan leathers). Their collection of “shoes” (1461 smooth) are below the ankle and the perfect work style shoe. If you’re into a darker and heavier boot then the platform is the line of shoes to look at (including the Molly and the Jagger). I personally do prefer the classic boot, owning two black pairs (they’re different, I promise) and my trusty red, rotating them to match every fall/winter outfit I desire.

Credit: Style Savage

You may be wondering how to pair these wonderful shoes! As mentioned before, it is easy to pair them with almost anything, from dresses to sweaters. My go to Dr. Martens outfit is high-waisted light wash jeans with a chunky sweater (preferably cropped) and then my corduroy sherpa lined coat over it. The classic black docs are by far the easiest to style. To dress them up I would pair them with a lighter sweater and skirt combo to contrast with the edgy and dark vibe of the shoe. Basics go great with the classic black, and I prefer to match classic fall colors (oranges and maroons) with my red ones. Whatever style you are searching for, whether this is on the grunge side or the cozy one, it can be achieved with these shoes.

My Classic Shiny Black Dr. Martens paired with jeans and a sweater.

Overall, Dr. Martens are my favorite shoe for the cold weather. They are the cozy style that I want during the holiday season and have the diversity I need, to dress up or down. I think they are well worth the price for the durability they have and the vast selection they offer. If you’re looking for a new boot then look no further, go straight to Dr. Martens website and buy your new favorite pair of boots!


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Taylor is a freshman at BU with a dual degree in International Relations and Journalism. She loves vegan food, writing poetry and art museums.
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