Why the Armpit State is Actually The Best State

New Jersey often gets a bad reputation, especially after MTV's hit television show, Jersey Shore. But I’ve lived in New Jersey for 13 years and I can tell you that the show is an unrealistic representation of New Jersey. It fails to mention everything that Jersey has to offer. 


1. The Bagels 

Bagels outside of the New Jersey/New York area are actually terrible. They are hard, not fluffy, and just overall are not comparable to the bagels back home. 


2. The Jersey Shore 

Jersey is home to several private and public beaches which have something to offer everyone. Some beaches, like Asbury Park, Wildwood, and Point Pleasant have boardwalks lined with food and entertainment, while beaches like Spring Lake and Belmar offer a more low-key, residential, environment for beachgoers looking to relax. 


3. The Pizza 

Due to the high population of Italians living in New Jersey, the pizza is unlike anything you’ll find outside the state. Whether you're looking for a slice piled high with penne vodka, or just a classic pepperoni pie, you can find the best dough and toppings in Jersey. 


4. We Don't Pump Our Own Gas

It’s so convenient to just hand the gas station operator cash or your card instead of getting out of your car and doing it yourself. Especially when it gets cold in the winter, it's nice being able to just roll down your window and stay in the warmth of your car while someone else fills up your tank. 


5. We're Also Known as the Garden State 

In spite of what you might think, New Jersey has a lot of greenery, making hiking and riding horses activities of choice. Just take a drive along the aptly named Garden State Parkway, and you'll be surprised at the views this state has to offer. 


6. We're So Close to the City 

Depending on where you live, New York City might be only a quick bus or train ride away. If you’re tired of the Jersey suburbs, you can spend time shopping in SoHo and then come back to a quieter setting. 


I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in the beautiful state of New Jersey, which has provided me with a variety of wonderful experiences that I will always hold dear to my heart. In spite of the bad reputation Jersey often gets, I am proud to consider myself a Jersey Girl.