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Why Ariana Grande Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Mac Miller’s Death

After Mac Miller’s drug overdose and consequent death on September 7h 2018, fans were quick to comment on and place blame on Ariana Grande — Mac Miller’s ex-girlfriend. Miller’s fans blamed Grande for his death because of her decision to end their two-year relationship and her subsequent engagement to Pete Davidson just weeks later. They blamed her for leaving him during his struggle with drug addiction. Grande has even had to disable Instagram comments from the flood of comments she’s received blaming her for Miller’s death. These disgusting comments are unfair to Grande, who is also struggling with his death.

Nobody should be blamed for choosing to leave a toxic relationship.

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Nobody should feel obligated to stay in a relationship for the sake of taking care of someone if that means putting yourself at risk. Grande chose to end that relationship for her own mental health. Staying in a relationship that is detrimental to your own mental health and well being is harmful, and she had every right to leave her relationship with Miller.

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Substance abuse is a serious issue.

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Many were quick to blame Grande instead of focusing on the real issue at hand. Fans would rather blame her than focus on substance abuse as a societal problem. Mac Miller’s death had nothing to do with Ariana Grande, but everything to do with his long-standing struggle with addiction. The focus shouldn’t even be on Grande. Instead, people should focus their energy on how to help those struggling with substance abuse. Blaming Grande isn’t going to change anything; it only makes the matter worse. By focusing on blaming Grande, the issue of drug addiction is getting ignored and only making matters worse.

She’s a person too.

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While most fans probably blamed Grande as a way to cope with Miller’s death, they are completely disregarding that Grande has to mourn him too. She was in a two-year relationship with him and loved him very much. Imagine how terrible it must be on Grande’s end to receive the news of Miller’s death, and not even be able to mourn his death peacefully without being attacked by thousands of people online. The fact that she had to go as far as to disable her Instagram comments is truly upsetting.

The focus should be on remembering Mac Miller as a talented artist and trying to help those currently suffering from substance abuse. By focusing Miller’s death on Ariana Grande, his memory is dishonored. His loved ones should get a chance to properly mourn his death without his fans placing unnecessary blame on one of the people he loved the most.


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