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Senator Kamala Harris has marked a significant historical milestone in America, as the third woman, first Asian, and first African American represented on the Vice Presidential ticket. In early 2019, Harris launched her own presidential campaign from which she gained a substantial amount of popularity with the public. Later in December of 2019, she ended her campaign, but her story did not end there. On August 11, 2020, Vice President Joe Biden announced Harris as his running mate. Needless to say, Harris is a very successful woman with an impressive resume under her belt. Her accomplishments expand beyond being the first woman of color nominated for national office under a major political party. Even prior to this historic nomination, Harris achieved remarkable success throughout her career in law and public service.

As a woman of Jamaican and Indian descent, Kamala was born into a family that stressed the importance of fighting for racial equality and systemic change. Her parents, Donald and Shyamala Harris, met during the Civil Rights Era, bringing Kamala into a society ringing with courage and inspiration. Kamala often highlights the impact her parents made in her life by describing a heartwarming anecdote from when her parents marched the 1960s streets with Kamala strapped up in her stroller, looking out into a world that she will one day help change herself.

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Upon graduating from Howard University and UC Hastings, Kamala began her career as an attorney. Kamala first served as District Attorney of Alameda County before becoming the District Attorney for San Francisco in 2003. Later in 2010, she was elected as the first woman and first African American to serve as Attorney General for the State of California. As Attorney General, Kamala helped families facing financial crises, fought hard for affordable education, environmental advocacy, and prosecuted several criminal cases. Kamala’s work in the legal realm helped establish her public image as a fierce advocate for justice in all forms.

After serving as Attorney General, Kamala won a congressional seat in 2016 as the second African American and first South Asian woman in the U.S. Senate. As Senator, Kamala has fought on behalf of a cleaner environment, immigrant rights, equal voting rights, public health relief, affordable healthcare, among numerous other policies.

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In short, Kamala is a fighter. Her lifelong dedication to public service is evident through her historic accomplishments, and as a brown woman and immigrant myself, Kamala serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration - not only for me, but for young people around the world.

To learn more about Kamala Harris and the work she has done, check out this link

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Wish Pandey is a sophomore at Boston University studying on the pre-law track. This year, she is an editor for HerCampus BU. Outside of writing, Wish loves to travel and attend concerts!
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