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Which “New Girl” Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

I am almost too well-versed in television shows. Ask me about any show, there is a good chance I have watched the entire thing—maybe even more than once. If I had to pick a favorite, though, it would be New Girl. It is so funny, with such dynamic, lovable, and dysfunctional characters. Here are the zodiac signs that correspond with each of the main characters!

1. Schmidt

His character has some of the traits associated with Leos and Virgos. The Leo sides of his personality are his confidence and passion, which is shown through how he treats Cece during their relationship. His Virgo side is shown through his tough-love attitude towards his friends when necessary, and his loyalty to them.

2. Jessica

Jess’ character shows the traits of Libras and Capricorns. As a Libra, she has a desire to get along with others and can be indecisive, which she shows through how she treats her roommates in the loft. The Capricorn shows through in her hardworking attitude towards her job as a teacher, and her goal-oriented personality.

3. Nick

His character exemplifies the traits of Cancers and Pisces. As a Cancer, he is very moody and can lack optimism. He also has an imaginative personality. The Pisces traits include his compassionate side and his soft spot he had for Jess in their relationship.

4. Winston

Winston’s character has a lot of traits in common with Geminis and Sagittariuses. His Gemini characteristics are shown through his outgoing personality and his inherent indecisiveness. His chatty nature helps his character be social. His Sagittarius qualities are his high energy personality and independence.

5. Cece

Her character traits are most consistent with Scorpios and Aquariuses. Scorpios, like Cece’s character, are able to differentiate between facts and feelings. Like most Aquarius people, Cece loves to have a good time, which is shown through her love of going out and partying. She also is not the biggest fan of boundaries.

6. Coach

Coach’s character has qualities that are similar to Aries and Taurus. As an Aries, he is super competitive and wants to be the best. He is interested in a fast and exciting life, which is shown through his job training people and yelling. As a Taurus, he can be stubborn but is loyal to those he cares about.

New Girl has a funny and exciting plot with endearing characters. It is interesting to see which one you are the most similar to!


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Keeley Bombard is a sophomore at Boston University studying Environmental Analysis and Policy. Although she was born in Boston, she grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She loves dancing, reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, and being around her friends. She loves to connect with people over topics she is passionate about through writing!
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