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Where to Grocery Shop at BU

When I first started college, I thought that my outside expenditures would be approximately zero. I had spent upwards of $5K on a dining plan, after all, so I thought I wouldn’t need to grocery shop...but as my coursework got more rigorous and my interest in dining hall food decreased, having food in my dorm became more and more important. Postmates is great and all, but sometimes a more immediate (and cost-effective) solution is necessary. Enter grocery shopping, but on a lowkey scale, since I live in a dorm and own no cookware. Here are some of the best places near Boston University to do your snack shopping...

  1. 1. CityCo

    Anna Schultz-Girl Smiling With Arms Full Of Food

    The Co in CityCo really does stand for convenience. The ease at which I can pop into CityCo after my 5-6:15 p.m. econometrics class to grab a box of cracker cuts of white cheddar and a bag of Tate’s cookies is no joke. CityCo has my heart for other reasons too, including the f’real milkshake machine that reminds me of the local gas station store my friends and I went to every day after summer camp (we were counselors). It also doesn’t hurt that they take dining points now, since I’m post-330-to-250 switch, and absolutely loaded.

  2. 2. Buick Street Market

    The Lalagirl In Jean Jacket Sticking Her Tongue Out

    Buick Street Market has all of the advantages of CityCo, plus mochi, more full-sized food (and more variety), and proximity to a real Dunkin’ (I don’t trust myself around the self-serve machines). I can only imagine how easy life would be if I lived in West...

  3. 3. Star Market

    a grocery store produce wall

    I love Star Market not just for the amazing selection of food (shout out to the pastries, especially) but for resolving a very uncommon problem that no one but me will ever have. I exclusively buy Mead Five Star notebooks, and I like them because the pages are lightly lined (as in, the lines are light and thin). CityCo and Target carry these, but for whatever reason, their notebooks are not lightly lined. After some hunting, I found that Star Market knows the right notebooks to sell, and I walked out happy and with a box of on-sale chocolates (great sales).

  4. 4. Whole Foods

    a woman stands in front of the health juice/kombucha shelves at a grocery store

    I used to make fun of my friend for preferring Whole Foods over Trader Joe’s, but I kinda get it now, especially for Prime members. Food is definitely a bit pricier, but the experience of shopping at Whole Foods is just something else. I can’t walk down the aisles and not feel like a trendy metropolitan woman overpaying for both rent and groceries, and honestly, I love that glimpse into my future. Also, the hot bar.

  5. 5. Trader Joe’s

    Trader Joe'S

    Everyone at BU seems to be obsessed with Trader Joe’s, and the only conclusion is that everyone at BU has impeccable taste. Food is affordable, healthy, and so good. Figuring out which one to shop at can be a bit tricky though— I was shocked when my friend showed me quantitative evidence that as Bay State residents, we would be better off crossing the BU bridge to go to the Cambridge store than walking to Coolidge Corner/Boylston Street— do the math first.

  6. 6. Super88

    grocery bag with apple

    I grew up munching on all sorts of Asian snacks, so Super88 is an important grocery store for me. I’m sad I can’t buy any of the real food, but the massive variety of Pocky, fruit gummies, popsicles, and drinks like Yakult and Calpico is enough to tide me over until I get my own kitchen.

  7. 7. Marshall’s

    Not exactly what pops into mind when you think “groceries,” but Marshall’s in Fenway has a surprisingly good selection of snacks! I always find it to be a great mix of classics and new, trendy foods— perfect for those looking for something new! My parents swear by the pink Himalayan salt that Marshall’s and TJ Maxx carries, so do with that what you will.

  8. 8. Target

    a woman sits in a red shopping cart in the middle of a store

    With locations in both West and Fenway, Target really can be everyone’s one-stop-shop for everything. For people without dining points to blow, Target has really good deals— just compare their Chobani yogurt prices to CityCo’s! It’s also another excuse to peruse the immensely cool city Target. I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular suburban Target.

Go out and grocery shop ‘til your heart’s content! Don’t underestimate the power of a stocked fridge until it’s 2 a.m. the morning of an exam and you realize you haven’t eaten all day.

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