The “Wheens” Take on Beantown

I love going to school in Boston. The restaurants (though I only really eat out when my parents visit), the museums, the music scene, the Esplanade and the T (that I love to hate), have all contributed to my affinity for my college-town.

The only things missing that would make Boston perfect are the dogs in my life: Oscar, my family dog, Mollie my “niece,” and Sallie, her sister.

The latters are long-haired mini dachshunds: one blonde, one red. And they are absolutely ridiculous. They are so soft, and sweet, and very snuggly.

My brother came to visit me last month from Pennsylvania and actually brought the “girls” with him! He opted to stay at a dog-friendly hotel (The Colonnade on Huntington Avenue) with Mollie and I got to have a sleepover with Sallie. It was a dream come true.

Sallie and I bonded many years ago and she quickly made herself at home on my lap. Energy and curiosity are not high on her priority list, so she was content to do whatever I did or did not do.

We spent some time window-shopping on Newbury Street, where we were stopped repeatedly by passers-by who wanted to meet Sallie, and then we walked to The Public Garden.

This was a lot of activity for my 14-pound, overweight, “wheen-friend,” so she refused to walk anymore and just sat—on the sidewalk. I carried her back to my apartment while she slept in my arms.

The two-day visit with my favorite girls was a highlight of a cold, snowy February weekend. I am trying to talk them into returning for the Marathon—as spectators, of course. I have been a dog-person as long as I can remember and look forward to having my own someday.

As college students, we can’t really have dogs, but we can stop and pet the ones we meet and if we are lucky enough to have some in our family, we can always invite them for a day-trip or a sleepover. They bring so much joy and reduce stress better than a quart of Häagen-Dazs.


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