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What’s in HC’s Spring Survival Kit? — An Innisfree K-Beauty Skincare Review

To be frank upfront, I am a self-confessed skincare skeptic. I don’t believe in putting all sorts of creams and oils and thick clay masks on your face in hopes of magically achieving flawless skin. My method has always been a good scrub, cold water, and never ever messing with acne. That being said, I too fell victim to the dry skin issues the Boston winter produces and heading into my trip to L.A. for spring break, my skin didn’t feel it’s best.

When Her Campus offered me the opportunity to test-run some Korean beauty skincare products (for free!!), of course I said yes, and I’m so glad I did. The Innisfree sheet mask, hydrating oil, eye cream, and lotion made my skin feel better than it had in months and made this skincare skeptic a new devotee to K-beauty treatments. Read on below to see just how I used it, and how well it worked!


Round 1: My skin pre-any treatment

This is me, the night before I flew to L.A., taking cute (anything but) selfies in the Claflin bathroom. My skin had been really dry that week (especially on my hands, which you can’t see) but my face was also suffering a little bit.

Round 2: Innisfree Sheet-Mask

For all the Silence of the Lambs fans, I had to leave this sheet mask on for 10-20 minutes and in that time period I snapchatted one of my best friends wearing this mask, to which he replied, “Sup Hannibal Lecter.” That moment aside, I really enjoyed this part of the routine and felt it worked quickly. I had never done a sheet mask before, but the hydration was intense.

Round 3: Post Sheet-Mask

Like I said, intense hydration. It’d been step one of the treatment and I felt I was *glowing*.

Round 4: Hydrating Oil and Eye-Cream

This is what my skin looked like after everything — sheet mask, oil, and eye cream — none of which I had ever used before. The eye cream felt amazing though, as someone who doesn’t sleep a whole ton, I always am very self-conscious about my under-eye circles.

Round 5: The Morning After

After about a 5-hour “good night’s sleep,” this is what my skin looked like the next day at 3 in the morning when I woke up for my flight. Most of the time, I feel like I look like a dead rat who rolled out of bed if I don’t have makeup on, but I truly felt more confident because I could tell my skin looked good and it made me look more awake than normal. I took the picture, and it was off to L.A.!

Round 6: Surprises on the Santa Monica Promenade

My roommate and I were shopping in Santa Monica when we spotted this sign for Innisfree Skincare on the Promenade and I promptly had to take a picture with it.

Now of course, I did not fly cross-country to endorse a skincare brand, but I also would not take a picture with a sign for it for an article review if I didn’t truly believe in it’s worth. If you’re anything like me and need natural treatments to revitalize your skin, this is the one for you, and I’ll link the website here.


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Maya is currently a junior in Sargent College at Boston University, studying Human Physiology.
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