What Your Spotify Says About You

There are so many different ways to organize your Spotify account and all the music that you’ve found. What you may not know, however, is that your choices on Spotify can say a lot about you as a person (at least I sure think they can). So for a little fun, read on to find out what I think your Spotify account says about you as a person.

  1. 1. You only listen to your own playlists.

    woman listening to music and dancing

    If you only use your own Spotify playlists when listening to music, you’re a leader. You may have a bit of a main character complex (but hello, who doesn’t?), but you’re your own person, and you’re proud of it. Honestly? Keep doing you — you’re doing great sweetie.

  2. 2. You only listen to playlists made by Spotify or other users.

    group of people studying and reading at a kitchen table

    You’re laid-back and chill. You’re one of those people who can kind of fit into any social situation, and whenever you put on tunes in a group setting, they’re always bound to be crowd-pleasers.

  3. 3. Your playlists have really aesthetically pleasing cover images.

    art materials

    You’re artsy and a little bit introverted. You feel most at ease when your surroundings are tidy and organized. You have a kind heart and are very generous, but you also can be particular about how you like things… for good reason though because you have a great eye and visual sensibility.

  4. 4. Your playlists have really funny cover images.

    woman at laptop laughing

    You’re outgoing and energetic. You are THE extrovert of your friend group, and you hold that position well. Big Leo vibes, if you’re into astrology. You also have main character energy, and probably have a really fire Twitter feed as well.

  5. 5. You mostly shuffle artists’ discographies.

    Woman dancing

    If you had a character alignment, it would be lawful good. You like knowing what you’re supposed to do and having a plan in order to go forward with things. You’re also super loyal. In that sense, when it comes to music, you know what you like and stick with it.

  6. 6. You have few to no playlists and use “likes” to collect music.

    You thrive in chaos. (I do not understand how you do this.) If you use Spotify in this way, you definitely go with the flow. You are confident in your decisions and who you are, and as a result, you don’t really let things phase you. Love this energy for you, so keep doing your thing.

  7. 7. Your Spotify has a really wide range of genres.

    woman in a record store wearing a lemon shirt

    You’re adventurous and bold. You have a thousand different aesthetics, and you’ve never known how to choose one. I don’t blame you either… why should you? There’s so much great music out there, and you don’t want to be stuck listening to just one genre. You probably like travel and exploration and any activity where you get to try something new.

No matter how you listen, we’re so grateful for you and glad you’re here. Keep bopping, everyone. 

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