What Your Favorite Sushi Says About You

Everyone loves sushi right? Boston has an abundance of sushi restaurants ranging from the popular California Roll to more authentic sushi like salmon sashimi and uni sushi. Some people are more adventurous than others when going out for sushi. The great thing about it is that there are rolls that satisfy everyone. Find out what your favorite sushi says about you! 

California Roll

You love to try new things, have an inner adventurous side, but likes to take things step by step. You love going out with your girl friends, especially a nice, chic restaurant for a Friday night dinner or a Sunday brunch. You also have a great sense of style and a wardrobe that every girl envies. Finally, you’re a reliable friend who everyone loves. You have plans lining up for the week because everyone wants to hang out with you!

Dragon Roll

You are a hardworking individual who will put all your effort into your projects and tasks, especially on topics you’re passionate about. You like to think things out before making decisions and give great advice to your friends. You like to look for friends with a similar personality as you, but once you find the right ones, you’re very loyal to your friends.

Salmon Avocodo Roll

You are an easygoing person and a joy to be around. You have a great sense of humor, always cheering on your friends when they’re upset. You love shopping and sometimes spend a little too much money on cute jewelries.  But in the end, it all works out because you always look super cute when you go out.

Cucumber Roll/Avocodo Roll/Asparagus Roll

You like to play it safe and enjoy stability in life. You are extremely organized and trustworthy. Your friends would trust you to plan the next group vacation. Sometimes, you like to spice things up and go out of your comfort zone. However, in the end you stick to your inner instincts and follow your heart.

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Your personality is fun and spontaneous, and you are the star of the party. You are also super creative and probably artistic. You love smiling and talking to people. Your enthusiasm is contagious, lighting the whole room up with energy.