What to Send to Your Friends from Home


I love Boston University a lot – but I’m still close with a lot of my friends from home. When I'm away at school and my friends are scattered around the country at their own colleges, I tend to miss them a lot. I'm sure most of you can relate to this feeling – you’re torn between loving your new BU friends and still missing your old ones. One of the best ways to keep in contact with them is to send a fun care package. Not only will it brighten their day and remind them that you’re still thinking about them, but it’s also fun for you to put together something you know they’ll enjoy. I have compiled a list of creative things to send your friends so you can skip the thinking and get right to the gifting.

1.When your friend calls you crying:

Send her a box of sunshine. Get a cardboard box from the post office, line the inside with yellow construction paper and put in a bunch of yellow confetti, glitter, yellow candy, nail polish, anything you can think of. Include a nice card that says you wanted to brighten her day. 

2. When your friend is beyond stressed:

Send her a box of calm. Include a blue spa gel mask, blue packaged mint gum, light blue pencils, and a blue iTunes gift card so she can listen to some new tunes to calm down. You can include something with your friend's favorite scent (mine loves menthol, I don't know why) that is sure to calm her down and cheer her up.

3. When she needs a confidence boost or is heartbroken:

Send her a red themed box. Include lots of red hearts and Hot Tamales candy. Write: "You're a" on the Hot Tamales box. Make it silly and write her a love poem. Include chocolates and Lisa Frank stickers (the rainbow animal ones from when we were kids!) 

4. When you just plain miss her:

Send her marshmallows, graham crackers and a chocolate bar in a wrapped plastic bag with a tie and ribbon. Attach a card that says "Sending you 'smore love!"