What It's Like Watching "Stranger Things" for the First Time

I’ve never seen Stranger Things. There, I said it. I’m not usually into TV shows, especially when they seem overhyped. So I’ll wait until the craziness dies down to start watching and decide if I like it or not. That didn’t happen for me with Stranger Things. When it came out last year, everyone was obsessed with it, and for some reason that made me want to hold out on watching it. And I have held out on watching it to the point where I still hadn't seen it…

That was until my floor decided to watch the premiere of season 2 together. I knew about the event in advance and I thought, “Perfect! I’ll finally have time to watch the first season, so I’ll know what’s going on in the next!”

That’s not what ended up happening. Instead, the season 2 premiere came about and before I knew it I was in front of a TV in the common room, surrounded by a bunch of people who had already seen it. As I wait, I’m thinking to myself “This won’t be that bad. It’s a new season so there will be probably be a little exposition and then I’ll be able to sort of know what’s going on.” I was wrong in this assumption.

First of all, I had absolutely no idea what this show was even about. I could tell it takes place in the '80s by the retro outfits and the hairstyles, but all of a sudden they go from being in the real world to Will staring off into a storm with random floating confetti around him. I just thought he walked outside and their town just had a problem with littering.

Once some of my friends explained the plot to me a bit more, though, I got really into it. The story is surprisingly addictive in the sense that I could not get enough of it. I’ll usually watch a show for the first few episodes and get so sick of the plot and characters that I stop watching the show altogether, but that didn’t happen with Stranger Things.


The characters and the kids who play them in this show are amazing. I finally understand why people love them so much and I seriously felt for each character. I just really wanted to hug all of them, especially Will. This show simultaneously made me want to laugh and cry, and a huge part of that was how amazing the acting was on their part.


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