What I Will Miss Most About Spring Semester in Boston as I Go Abroad

Boston. Boston has an amplitude of nicknames – The City of Champions, Beantown, America’s Walking City, just to name a few. For me, Boston’s nickname has become home. There’s an essence to the city that is hard to describe to my friends back on Long Island. Wherever I go there is a whiff of passion, excitement, and growth in the air. 

Spring 2020, next semester, I’ll be studying and interning in London. I am beyond excited to go abroad and explore the world, however, I will miss the experiences spring in Boston allows. Spring semester in Boston is full of blooming flowers and memory filled nights. Follow along to find out what I’ll miss most about spring semester in Boston, Massachusetts: 

  1. 1. My Friends

    First and foremost, I’ll miss my friends and all the laughs we have. Even though spring semester always seems to go by faster than the fall, it also seems to allow for more time with friends. The funniest memories I have from college all seem to have occurred during the spring semester of various years. Next semester, my closest group of friends will be spread out among different continents, exploring different places, without one another. It’s odd to think about how the people I have spent the most time with the last year or so of my life will be in different time zones for so long.

  2. 2. Graduation

    On the same page as friends, is the fact that I’ll be missing the semester before a handful of my friends graduate and go out into the real world. It will be odd to come back to Boston the following fall and not see their faces on campus. Graduating is always an exciting time, but it will be weird to be saying goodbye to some people so early in December. 

  3. 3. Longer Days with Warmer Nights

    Granted, in London the days will get longer and warmer throughout the semester just as it would in Boston. However, there will be certain things that London won’t be able to replace – like the Esplanade walks my roommate and I would take after grabbing froyo nearby. My favorite fashion statement is my jean jacket that I have customized with patches, and the best time to wear it in Boston is early April, when it is still chilly but comforting. 

  4. 4. Eating Outside at Various Restaurants on Newbury Street

    Newbury Street is an absolute dream once it is warm outside. The street is always bustling with smiling faces and shopaholics (aka me). The restaurants and cafes start to put their seating back outside and honestly, there is not a better feeling in the whole world than drinking coffee outside with your closest friends, laughing about anything and everything.  

  5. 5. The Red Sox Home Opener

    Now, listen, I am a New Yorker at heart, but I thoroughly enjoy how close to Fenway Park I get to live. From my dorm, I can hear all the games and concerts that happen there and it’s a pretty unique college experience. Thursday, April 2, 2020 the Red Sox will play the Chicago White Sox at Fenway Park to kick the season into high gear! Baseball season is always fun time of year here in Boston and it is basically a rite of passage to attend a Sox game while a BU student.

  6. 6. Sowa

    Another annual thing that starts up in spring semester is Sowa. Sowa is a wonderful market to spend your Sundays at. Whether you attend the vintage market, buy art from local artists, or go for the food vendors, Sowa is so much fun. Grab your friends, a reusable bag, and make sure to have an empty stomach before you head over to Sowa. I’m not kidding, I have spent countless Sundays there talking to artists and buying produce. 

  7. 7. My Birthday

    I’m stoked to be going abroad and cannot wait to spend my birthday in a different country. However, it will be odd to be so far from home for long without seeing the people I usually spend my birthday with. It’s also my 21st birthday, so it’s ironic that I won’t be able to order a drink in the states until way after my February birthday when I get home for the summer. 

I am so excited (and a bit nervous) to be going abroad next semester, but I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss Boston. Boston really has grown to be my second home in a way I never thought it would. With that being said, I’ll miss so much about Boston next semester and I’m already looking forward to my senior year here! 

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