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This weekend, I was lucky enough to escape the chilly Boston weather and relocate somewhere a little warmer. I flew to Florida to celebrate my friend’s birthday, making it my first trip in the middle of a semester. Unfortunately, leaving student housing definitely made packing more difficult for me. 

Luckily, one thing that will never change is what goes on in my bag of personal items. I think I’ve perfected the art of packing a bag to accompany me on all my flights, layovers, and Uber rides. With summer fast approaching, here is a quick list to reference for anyone who is potentially traveling!

Deodorant and perfume

Traveling often means sitting around in an airport all day. In this sense, I always like to carry a mini deodorant and perfume to freshen up whenever necessary. The brand Native makes the cutest mini products that come in various lovely scents and can fit easily into any bag. For perfume, I normally bring a small body spray from Bath & Body Works, but most perfumes come in a travel size as well!

Hand Sanitizer and wipes

COVID restrictions may not be in play anymore, but planes and airports can still be hubs for germs. Nobody wants to be sick on vacation, so extra protection from germs is essential for me. I usually keep a mini hand sanitizer in every bag I own. Travel-size wipes are also necessary to wipe down my tray table before takeoff.

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A sweater

Even if you’re traveling somewhere warm, I highly recommend packing a light, easily condensed sweater in your items bag. I am always getting cold, whether on the plane or in the airport, so being able to throw something on real quick is the best. A sweater won’t take up too much space and can still look cute with outfits, unlike a sweatshirt or jacket. It can also double as a pillow on the plane!

a journal

Many people opt to read or watch a movie during their flight, but bringing a journal can be a great alternative. Traveling often brings me anxiety, and one of my favorite ways to relieve stress is to journal. Plus, reflecting on a trip on the way home can be a great way to enjoy it even after it’s over.

oil blotting sheets

Even as a girl with super dry skin, there’s something about being in the airport that makes me super oily. Almost every time I travel, I manage to break out. One of the only things that has remedied this issue has been carrying oil blotting sheets. I’m someone who doesn’t like to touch my face when I’m in the airport, on a plane, or somewhere that isn’t clean, and this helps work around that fear. I recommend the Neutrogena sheets, which can be found at most drugstores. 

To anyone traveling soon, make the most of it!

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Kasie Costalas is a member of the writing team at the Her Campus at BU chapter. In her first semester at HerCampus, she plans to contribute to the style and lifestyle sections of the site. Outside of Her Campus, Kasie is also a member of BUTV's The Wire. She recently transferred to Boston University as a junior and is majoring in journalism. Kasie plans to pursue a career in either broadcasting or print. In her free time, she enjoys exercising at the gym, painting and drawing, cooking, and hanging out with her dog Olive. She loves to stay updated on The Bachelor and getting a fancy coffee before study sessions.