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What to do This Spring in Boston

Boston in the springtime is amazing. Yes, it’s still not fantastically warm; however, when the trees bloom and the sun is shining (and finally start melting the snow), the city is breathtaking. There are so many things that you can do in Boston after hibernating for months, so here are five suggestions to get your ideas flowing alongside the melting Charles.

1. Go to a Red Sox game at Fenway

Boston University has such a prime location in relation to Fenway Park, so take advantage of it! Last year, there were student deals for tickets as cheap as $9, so make sure to keep your eyes out for discounts.

2.  Hike in the Blue Hills

The Blue Hills are just outside of Boston in Milton and Quincy with plenty of trails for every skill level. Check out the Chickatawbut trail that is shorter and has beautiful views of the city from the woods.

3. Picnic in the Public Garden

Picnic anywhere in Boston along the Emerald Necklace, but the Public Garden with its tulip displays and swan boats is a definite destination. Sunbathing with some sandwiches on a Sunday is the ideal.

4. Kayak on the Charles

The Charles, while not quite clean enough to swim in, is absolutely magical to boat along. Streaming through packed city landscapes to historic New England suburbs, the Charles is a great way to tour Massachusetts. The Charles River Canoe & Kayak Company rents kayaks out from Allston, Kendall Square in Cambridge, the Moody Street Dam in Waltham, and Nahanton Park in Newton.

5. Stroll along the Freedom Trail

While rather touristy for a BU local, the Freedom Trail provides a picturesque day’s worth of activities—mostly outside—while giving you a better sense of the beautiful city that is Boston.

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