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What To Do In NYC For the The Holidays


New York City is the ultimate place to go to get into the holiday spirit. It’s busy, crowded, and freezing, but there really is that cliché “energy” that permeates the city this time of year. If you’re going with your family, friends, or even alone, there are hundreds of places to visit. By the end of your stay, I guarantee you will have fallen in love with NYC. 

The tree at Rockefeller Center. The first thing on my list (that I’m sure is also the first thing on your list) is a visit to Rockefeller Center. This year the tree is 80 feet, and nothing is as Christmas-y or romantic as skating under it. However, if you want to go staking at Rockefeller Center, be prepared to wait in line. If you love skating, a good alternative would be to go to Bryant Park where admission is free. 

Tea at the Plaza. Expensive, yes, but totally worth it. If you’ve been running around the city all day and are in need of a classy, relaxing break, the Plaza should be your number one priority. If you don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks, my suggestion would be to walk around the lobby of the Plaza, get a feel for it, then have some tea at Alice’s Tea Cup.  Alice’s is a cute, family-friendly tea place that not many tourists know about

The MET. If you’re an art person, definitely hit up the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have a wonderful Christmas tree display in the medieval section, so ask a security guard to direct you there. While you’re in the MET, make sure to visit the Temple of Dendur in the Egyptian wing and the Greek and Roman sculptures.

Columbus Circle. My favorite place to go during the holidays is Columbus Circle. Of all the holiday markets open around the city, this one is by far the best. You can buy cute, one-of-a-kind jewelry, hats, scarves, and much more. The best part is that when you start to freeze, you can run across the street to the Time Warner Center, a mall with a J. Crew, a huge Sephora, and of course, food. 

Other great things to do: window shop down 5th Avenue, take a tour of NBC studios (at Rockefeller Center), walk through SoHo, see a Broadway show or The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, have drinks at McGee’s (the bar How I Met Your Mother was based off of), and have a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity. 

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