West-Coasters vs. East-Coasters: The First Snow

The first snow of the year in Boston just fell and the differences between students from opposite sides of the country became even more apparent. From Snapchat stories to fashion, let’s take a look at the contrasts between how west-coasters and east-coasters handle the cold weather differently. 

1. Social Media

The amount of Snapchat stories and posts that I saw this weekend of the snow was almost shocking. “First snow!”, “Californian takes on the snow for the first time!” and other phrases of the sort were what captioned photos and videos of people taking in the first snowfall of the year. The excitement level wasn't there for me because as a resident east-coaster, I’ve seen snow plenty of times. Unfazed by the weather, there wasn’t a need to put anything on my social media to document it. 

2. Conversation

In all of the conversations that I had with my friends from the west coast, even if we weren’t talking about the snow, they would somehow make it about the snow. Their childlike wonder as they stared out the window in awe of what was happening was endearing and reminded me of just how special this time of year is. 

3. Mood

West-coasters experienced bouts of excitement and happiness as they willingly spent hours outside, running around in the chilly weather. East-coasters, desensitized to the snow, were more likely to stay inside with little-to-no difference in emotion. 

4. Clothing

I walked outside with a simple winter coat, jeans, and sneakers. Surrounding me were people in their Canada Gooses, blanket scarves on blanket scarves, hats, gloves, goggles–yes, I really saw that–and winter boots. 

Whether you’re from the east coast or west, whether you’ve experienced snow a hundred times or this past weekend was your first glimpse at it, I think that we can all agree that this weather makes this time of year even more magical!

Cover photo credit: ewallpapers.eu

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