We're Loving Kaja, The New K-Beauty Brand Partnering with Sephora

Sephora partnered with the K-beauty service Memebox and launched a K-Beauty brand named “Kaja” ( /KAH•JAH/) which means “to go” in Korean. The brand is targeted for women on the go with bite-sized products—and they are oh-so-cute. The aesthetic packaging of each Kaja product is definitely what drew me in, but the actual quality of the products and their formula definitely keep up with its outer design. According to its press release, Kaja’s collection serves to complement “all skin tones—from the fairest light to the richest deep.” What makes the adorably packaged products even more appealing is how affordable they are. The prices of the products range from around $14 to $26.

Kaja was also promoted by (G)I-DLE, a South Korean k-pop girl group, appearing on the group’s reality TV show and featured in their music videos. 

Credit: Kaja  

One of the more basic products, Kaja’s Don’t Settle concealer comes in numerous shades with a beautiful Tiffany blue top and frosted glass packaging. To top it off, the concealer shades have charming names such as “Boba Tea” or “Sweet Toast.” Although the Don’t Settle concealer does not offer as much coverage as the famous Tarte Shape Tape concealer, it still has a smooth formula and has lightweight consistency that can still cover blemishes and brighten under the eyes.

Credit: Sephora 

Consistent with the Don’t Settle concealer, Kaja’s Blur Drop Weightless Water Primer is in the same Tiffany blue hue from tip to end and has a pump applicator. True to its name, the primer will not leave your face matte, but rather with a hydrating glow which is perfect for the dry Northeast especially during the winter. Also, for all the fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Noah Centineo uses this primer, according to Refinery29. 

Get ready, the cuteness level of these products are about to exponentially increase. The Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio, featured many times with (G)I-DLE, is a three-in-one set that comes in four different color sets: Rosewater, Orange Blossom, Toasted Caramel, and Sparkling Rosé. Kaja suggests consumers to use their fingers to apply the eyeshadow as opposed to using a brush for best use, especially to achieve a more pigmented look. The only drawback to the trios is the lack of matte shades but the lack thereof only enhances the shimmery wow factor of the Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio.

Credit: Kaja  

Another irresistibly charming Kaja product is its Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter and Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush collection. The highlighter comes in four shimmering hues while the blendable blush has three. Kaja describes the Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter as a “compact cream-to-powder highlighter that adds an effortless glow on the go” and the Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush as a “compact cream-to-powder blush adds an effortless pop of color on the go. Despite being more minimalistic in design than Kaja’s other products, the Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter and Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush collection still outshines. The highlighter and blush both emanate a slight sparkle that can be enhanced through layering.

Credit: Kaja 

The cutest of them all is the Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush. The blush comes in four shades and has a heart-shaped stamp applicator. The end result definitely gives an evenly blended, natural flush. Many consumers opt for powder blush as opposed to liquid or cream formula in fear of streaky or overly pigmented cheeks. Kaja’s Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush will blow those worries away—after the heart stamp is pressed onto the cheek and blended out, it looks even more natural than a strongly pigmented powder blush.

Credit: Kaja 

However, not all of Kaja’s products are as naturally pigmented as its blushes and highlighters. Kaja has a series of lip liners, lipsticks, and even mood balms that serve as light lip tints that carry long-lasting, bright full colors. Furthermore, in recent months, Kaja has come out with a series of new products from a new primer to a roller glow highlighter that produces a blinding perfecting touch.

Kaja has the cutest, to-go size beauty products that are certainly worth the try! As a consumer who owns more than a healthy amount of Kaja products, I can honestly say that I can’t wait for what Kaja releases next.


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