Watching Studio Vlogs: A Soothing Stress-Relieving Mechanism

It’s 2 p.m. on yet another dreary, gray day in Boston. A mixture of the afternoon slump and food coma from lunch creeps over my brain as I try to focus on finishing projects and assignments with looming deadlines. In an attempt to combat the fatigue, I chug water and take short stretch breaks, but my motivation to do any work is at an all-time low. Resigned, I open up YouTube despite it being yet another potential distraction and type in “studio vlog.” A few seconds later, I’m furiously scribbling away for my projects as soft lo-fi music trickles in, and a video montage of someone packing orders plays on my screen.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash A category of videos in the ever-expanding digital content world, studio vlogs are vlogs created by artists documenting their daily lives and art ventures. The vlogs can feature anything from painting a new piece to going on trips to the local plant store. Still, the seemingly incompatible shots all come together into a cohesive video with relaxing music in the background. As someone who is often alone in their dorm, I find watching studio vlogs soothing and comforting as it feels as if someone else is in the room with me. In a way, they make the space around me feel a little less vacant.

Additionally, studio vlogs and the artists behind them are a constant source of inspiration for me. In a creative sense, I can always get new ideas from watching the vlogs for my own art, whether it be new art materials to try out or a different method to draw certain objects. The artists in the studio vlogs often show the creative process behind products they’ve designed—such as stickers and prints—and it’s always amazing to see how they created something amazing all from scratch. These vlogs also help spark a sense of productivity in me as the studio vlogs document the artists’ work process. Seeing someone in the process of creating motivates me to work alongside them. It’s a bit like having a work session at a cafe—a favorite pastime of mine that I can’t often do due to the pandemic.

overhead shot of a desk with someone writing in a notebook and on a video call on a computer Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

What’s also great about studio vlogs is the wide variety of content. Just like how no two artists are the same, no two studio vlogs are ever the same. Different artists produce different studio vlogs in adherence to their personal and creative styles. Cheyenne Barton weaves together clips of her baking beautiful cakes and playing around with vibrant colors in her sketchbook at her cozy apartment in Seattle. Tiffany Tan of apple.cheeks delves into her life as a freelance illustrator while including clips of her struggles and triumphs with her art. Sai of LOVESOUP includes scenic shots of Japan and delicious food with video montages of her packing away orders of prints and enamel pins. While the videos may seem to mature rather mundane content, there’s a sort of warmth to the vlogs that make you forget your worries for the time being and release any anxieties building up inside of you.

Whether or not you are an artist, studio vlogs are a great way to let out steam and be inspired! Check out the amazing artists in their studio vlogs.

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