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Warren Tower’s Best Dressed

As the new freshman take over Commonwealth Avenue, fashion trends emerge from the bustling doors of Warren Towers. The class of 2016 is catching the eyes of fashionistas alike in such common places as the Warren dining hall and the over-stuffed elevators in C-tower. Two fashion trendsetters in this freshman dorm include Ben Cerveny (ENG, ’16) and Sarah Buechler (SMG, ’16).

When first asked to view their closets, both were hesitant at the idea of their private wardrobes being invaded by a complete stranger. With words of encouragement and utter most desperation, the two agreed to let me examine their closets and take pictures for the pleasure of Her Campus readers.

Ben’s closet, to my amazement, was organized in a way which displayed his collection of shoes, all eleven pairs to be exact! With closer examination, his closet consisted primarily of button downs and cardigans. When asked of his go-to fall outfit, Ben said “my classic outfit would include a button down, khakis, and a pair of Clark’s.” To my enjoyment, he also noted that each outfit must be coordinated in color schemes.

After a brisk walk to Sarah’s dorm room, I was able to witness a closet that was filled with stylish pieces that any girl would envy! Her closet consisted of dresses and boots of all different lengths and heel sizes. When asked of her go-to fall outfit, Sarah said her “essential piece is a fitted light brown leather jacket because it can be worn with a dress or pants and boots for either day or night”! Even for her earliest classes, she will always make an entrance in a stylish outfit with the rhythm of her platform booties.

Both Sarah’s and Ben’s fashion styles are worthy of NY runways, but for now, the long walk to the Warren Tower’s entrance is a sufficient cat walk for these two freshman.

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