Versatile Fall to Winter Basics Everyone Must Have

Versatile Fall to Winter Basics Everyone Must Have

The transition from fall to winter means it’s time to bust out the classic pieces that have been waiting in your closet! Make sure you have these for your wardrobe:


A Fall Skirt


The best fall skirts have a rich color and detailed texture. Look for something in the colors of mustard, burnt orange, maroon or grey. Textures like corduroy or tweed add dimension and coziness to the warm colors. Layer your button up shirt with a sweater and some riding boots for a simple yet clean look.


A Classic Coat


Not only is a coat functional, but it can also take the basic sweater, jeans and booties combination and transform your outfit into an effortlessly chic city style. You'll want a coat with a few things to get the most wear out of it: a color that compliments almost anything, a chic and simple cut and something that gives it just a little extra. That extra can be a tie waist, a high collar or even just an exaggerated collar. This is a coat that will never go out of style, so invest in something durable and well made.


Rain Boots

Hunter rain boots are classic, and a must have for fall. Not only do they transition perfectly into winter with their durability and warmth, but their style is as versatile as it gets. Wear them with cute socks and a skirt, or even with a dress. You can throw them on over leggings or jeans too. Whatever you choose, they add effortless style and if you get them in a fun color, they can completely transform a look. Try them in hunter green or bright red to add a pop to any outfit.


Cable Knit Sweater

This staple never goes out of style. A cable knit sweater can be worn on its own, layered under a high neck blouse or a button up shirt, or it can even be thrown over a dress to give the illusion of a sweater and a skirt. Tuck it into your fall skirt, add some rain boots and get on your way.


Plaid Scarf

The plaid scarf can easily elevate any outfit. Pair it with a bold color to really make the scarf pop. Tie it in a variety of ways, finding the perfect look to complete your outfit. Or be ever bolder and pair it with another pattern—my favorite is with a classic striped top. Use it for its warmth while keeping a timeless aesthetic to your look.


Make the most of your outfits with these fashion staples!