Unique Swimsuits That Go Beyond the Standard Bikini

Spring just left but summer is around the corner! Every year, you see your friends posting pictures of themselves by the beach in their standard two-piece bikinis. Well, the two-piece gets boring sometimes, and you just want to branch out. A swimsuit can be a great fashion statement. It doesn’t hurt to get some compliments on your risky but chic new bathing suit. Maybe a cute guy would notice you and ask you out to your next beach date.      

1)    High-Waist Halter Swimsuit


This high-waisted halter swimsuit is perfect for those who want a retro look. This swimsuit really helps accentuate your body and makes it look wonderful. Plus, the unique pattern helps you stand out and makes you look tanner!

2)    Ruffled Swimsuit

Ruffles are in trend right now. The flowy tops add a cute girly touch without being too over the top. Plus, ruffles are fun and exciting!

3)    Monokini

The monokini is just as sexy as a two-piece bikini! The monokini is so diverse – whether you want one with a more conservative cut or a deep V-neck, you’ll always find one suitable for you.

4)    Long-sleeved

Just like long-sleeved dresses are trending, so are long-sleeved bathing suits. Not only are long-sleeved bathing suits super cool and unique, but the sleeves look great with a triangle bottom, adding a mysterious touch.