The Ultimate Go-To Galentine’s Plan

The last few years I’ve really struggled with being single on Valentine’s Day both given the culture surrounding “cuffing season” and considering some of my best friends are in serious, adorable, long-term relationships. That being said, I’ve begun embracing my single status and have decided that this year my single friends and I are going to have the ultimate Galentine’s Day celebration. Who said your valentine had to be a boy or someone you’re dating? This year let’s make Galentine’s Day a girl bonding day and a time to show your friends you love them. After all, that’s what this holiday is supposed to be about, right?

Here’s my ultimate guide to the perfect Galentine’s Day:


10:00 AM: Brunch

What girl’s day out is complete without some Insta-worthy brunch pics? None! So, start your day with brunch in the city with your girl gang. A few of my favorite places include Zinneken’s in Cambridge, Trident Café on Newbury Street, or Brownstone Boston by Copley Square.

Whether you go for something sweet like strawberry pancakes or Belgian Waffles, or something savory like Eggs Benedict to accompany your mimosas or virgin cocktails, the pics, the memories, and the food are all sure to be absolutely amazing.


12:00 PM: Pamper session

Whether you choose to go to a spa for your services or opt for a DIY pamper sesh in your apartment, mani-pedis and face masks are a must for the most basic of Galentine’s Day activities. If you want to splurge, MiniLuxe in Fenway and Aer Nailbar in Brookline offer a variety of services for all of your mani-pedi desires and needs. Facials are also a good go-to if you’re in the mood to splurge, or if you’re super stressed this time of the semester a massage is also a good option.

For those of us who want to save some money or just don’t want to leave the comfort of the fluffy robe in our rooms, at-home spa days are just as fun (and sometimes even more so). Break out the snacks (if you have any room after brunch), set out an array of colors of nail polish along with files and face masks for when your girlfriends arrive. Target, CVS, and Walgreens have a ridiculous amount of cheap face masks in sheet form, bubble masks, and in tubes or tubs.


2:00 PM: Shopping and coffee break!

Now, I know this one won’t be for everyone, but if you and your friends love to shop like me and mine do, then this is the time to do it. Head to Newbury Street, the Prudential Center (which is full of student discounts as I’ve previously explained here and here), Primark in Downtown Crossing, or find some cute little shops in other areas like Cambridge.

For those of you who aren’t as much of a shopaholic, this is a good time to just walk around the city with your friends, taking in the beauty, taking some pictures, and finding some cute coffee shops to stop in. It’s the perfect opportunity for a photo op and to get some much-needed and well-deserved caffeine and treats. Jaho is a personal favorite of mine where coffee shops are concerned, but the Thinking Cup and Caffe Nero also never fail to provide.


5:30/6:00 PM: Dinner

After your fun-filled busy day, it’s time to sit down for some dinner with your favorite ladies. Whether you opt to cook at someone’ apartment (spaghetti and meatballs is on my potential menu for this Galentine’s Day) or decide to head out for nice dinner, you can’t go wrong with beginning to wind down on your day. Papa Razzi on Newbury Street is great if you’re in the mood for some Italian but don’t want to battle with the couples in the North End. You can also literally NEVER go wrong with the Cheesecake Factory.

Cooking at home can also be tons of fun as you can get all of your friends involved and drink some wine (if you’re of age) or sparkling cider while you’re putting together your delicious meal. Takeout is also a great option if you’re feeling like Chipotle but don’t want to DIY a burrito bowl.


7:30/8:00 PM: Movie or a GNO.

This is really going to depend on you and your group. I know plenty of my friends would be down for a GNO on the town, but most of us are also very okay with staying in for the night and watching a movie with some popcorn or brownies. If you’re in the mood to get dolled up, go for it! Boston’s nightlife is packed so there’s going to be some place for you and your girls to dance the night away to end off your packed Galentine’s Day festivities.

This year my friends and I are opting to stay in and I’m trying to convince them to bake some brownies before we turn on a movie. Whether you decide on a rom-com like Baby Mama, something animated like Moana or Tangled, or want to go all-in on a girl power movie like Legally Blonde, you really can’t go wrong with a movie and some snacks to end off your night with your favorite ladies.


However you’re spending your Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day, just remember it’s a holiday about showing the people in your life how much you love them in all kinds of ways. So go out, buy some brownie mix and some face masks, and have at it this Thursday.


Happy Galentine’s ladies!


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