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The Types Of Boys You’ll Meet In College

1.     The Douchey Frat Guy

Probably the most cliché dude on campus; the douchey frat guy is the type of guy you think of when you run a college party scene through your head. Fresh out of his parents controlling household, the douchey frat guy is ready to chase as many skirts as possible. He knows how to play a girl and play the pong table like a boss. Beware and stay away.

2.     The Friendly Frat Guy

The friendly frat guy is that nice guy you talked to at that Kappa Sig party that was actually really funny, didn’t creepily grind on you from the back and talked to you on campus the next day. Yes, there are some really cool frat guys out there.

3.     The Next Door Stoner

We all know that one guy to go to when we need a little green. He is never amped up, excited about the weekend or stressed about schoolwork. He just chills all day.  If you don’t want to get passively high, don’t enter his dorm room.

4.     The Model

Here’s a type of college guy who is either arrogant or just the silent type. Either way, he is extremely attractive in a handsome Dolce & Gabbana perfume add type of way, very classy and often shy. His Instagram is packed with photo shoot pics and runway snaps but don’t be intimidated. 

5.     The Sultry European

The sultry European is one of a kind and rare to find. He can be extremely dangerous because he can whisper dirty French things into your ear, make you a delicious Pasta Alfredo or simply serenade you with a British accent. He is often more mature than other boys and knows how do outdrink most of the frat guys without getting his perfectly quaffed European hair messy. Not to mention his impeccable style. He probably also owns quite a few suits. And he smokes.

6.     The Guy With The Car

This one is special because he is one of the only kids on campus that has a car. He will come in handy more than once in your college years and is used to everyone constantly asking him to drive them anywhere. Don’t let go of this guy if you fine one.

7.     The Ambitious Studious One

We all have that one friend who ditches the parties to stay out late in the library. He gets the good internships, probably already has a job set for right after graduation and will probably be the most successful out of all your friends. 

8.     Your Gay Best Friend

You are destined to meet at least one really cool amazing gay guy in college that will go to all your date parties, check out cute guys and go shopping with you. The best thing about your gay best friend is that he will constantly shower you with compliments and bitch about things you hate with you. Keep him for a lifetime!

9.     The One That Always Wants Your Notes

He never pays attention in class and he always asks you for your class notes via text. He’s really annoying but you feel bad if you ditch him at the same time.

10. The Hot TA

We’ve all had that one teaching assistant we’ve secretly had a crush on. Nobody will judge you for going to all office hours. We’ve all done it.

Roxanne is a 21-year old Boston University student from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is majoring in Film & TV and is currently completing a semester in Los Angeles, California.
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