Troye Sivan in Concert: A Review

It was Thursday night, almost midnight, and as I struggled to complete an English essay, it struck me that I should go to Troye Sivan’s concert the next day. Tickets were cheap—only around $50. I hadn’t been planning to see him, so a balcony seat was okay.

I was excited all of Friday. I did my space buns, dressed up to feel good, and continued to work on my essay. I wanted to finish before I headed out (I didn’t, but I still turned it in on time so, it’s okay). I arrived at the venue at around 7:45, despite that the concert was supposed to start at 7:30.

The sign outside was gorgeous.

I just missed Troye’s intro, but then he left the stage and Kim Petras performed for a good while. She was a very talented vocalist, but not knowing any of her songs prevented me from truly enjoying her performance.

Then, intermission. This was long. People came in and went back out, got drinks and rushed to the bathroom. Then Troye ran on stage and everyone screamed.

This was my view:

Not the best, but I could reasonably see him and enjoy the show.

Troye had a good stage presence and his voice was consistent. At first, I wasn’t sure he was going to sound like he did in his studio versions, but he did. He pulled through with a gorgeous falsetto at one point. He was sweet, thanking the audience with every song and telling stories, claiming Boston was the place where he’s had some of his fondest memories on tour.

During Heaven, the entire audience took a designated colored flower and placed it over their phone flashlights, creating the image of a rainbow. Troye expressed astonishment and delight, calling up those responsible for the fan project on stage. Check it out here.

The mood in the theatre was warm and intimate. Troye’s discography is small, just over thirty songs, so hearing them made for familiarity and celebration. We sang and danced along to each performance.

And of course, there was the legendary, “F*ck it up, Boston."

Troye’s last song was Animal. But apparently, he lied, because he came back on stage just to perform My, My, My. Then he really left and everyone rushed towards the merch line.

Troye was sweet, a really cute dancer, and he was missed as soon as he left the stage. I bought a tote bag and hoodie, the hoodie which is now officially my favorite clothing item.

I would definitely attend another one of Troye Sivan's concerts—but probably in a better seat, so I can actually see him next time. 


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