The Trendy Truth: Why Crocs are Actually Amazing

In honor of Croctober, I decided to bring out the truth about Crocs: they are amazing. Now, I may be a little biased because I’m a sales associate at a Crocs store, but that may also prove that I know what I’m talking about. I will be honest; I never thought I would become a fan of Crocs. I, as I’m sure many of you do, thought that Crocs were pointless and expensive and not the most fashionable shoe choice.

However, once I started working there and continued to add more shoes to my Crocs collection, I learned that they might be the best investment I have ever made. Here are 5 reasons why Crocs are amazing and totally worth buying!



1. Crocs Are Very Comfortable

Credit: Crocs

It’s not a secret that the Crocs company is known for producing comfortable shoes. From iconic comfort soles in the classic clogs to the newer LiteRide line, nearly all the shoes are made to keep you comfortable all day long. I have a lot of experience wearing the classic clogs for long periods of time; they’re what I wear to work almost every day. Even after my long shifts of being on my feet all day, my Crocs never fail to keep my feet comfortable. Recently, Crocs introduced LiteRides: the newest and most comfortable design to date. Pictured above are the LiteRide Pacers, a type of tennis shoe (a.k.a sneakers or gym shoes for people not from the Midwest) that is quite honestly the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. I have two pairs, and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. I wear them casually or for athletic purposes, and I even wore them hiking through Ecuador and they still never made my feet sore. For anyone who struggles to find shoes that stay comfortable for any amount of time, Crocs is definitely the brand for you.


2. Crocs Are Practical

Credit: Crocs

To be honest, I had trouble picking a picture of me wearing my Crocs because there were so many of them. You know why? Because they’re the best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned so I wear them all the time! They are easy to clean, easy to slip on, and perfect for outdoor activities. I was even able to wear my crocs on a muddy hike up a volcano. If I had been wearing any other type of tennis shoe, they would have been ruined. But, because they were Crocs, I simply washed them off in the shower and they were ready to be used the next day. The material that a majority of Crocs are made of make them so easy to clean, it doesn’t matter what gets on them.  I always use my classic clogs as camping shoes because I can slip them on in .5 seconds and head out the door, not having to worry if I get mud, sand, or water all over them. Crocs are perfect for any activity because they won’t slow you down, they can get dirty, and they are still very comfortable.


3. There Are Crocs For Every Occasion

Credit: Word Press

Crocs aren’t just the classic clogs that everyone thinks of when they hear the word Crocs. In fact, there are dozens of other styles. Every shoe pictured above? Crocs. There are boots, flip-flops, tennis shoes, sandals, wedges, loafers, water shoes, and, of course, clogs. Every single style is just as comfortable to wear and just as practical as the classic clogs. The only difference is, you can’t even tell that they are Crocs. I frequently wear flip flops or sandals that people say are cute, and then they are shocked when I say that they are Crocs. Crocs has evolved into a whole variety of shoes that can be worn anytime, anywhere, while still keeping the comfort Crocs is known for. Check out all the different styles here!


4. Crocs Are Great For College


Credit: Crocs

When I first started talking to my roommate, I told her immediately that I would be bringing a pair of Crocs with me to college. Best decision I have ever made. First of all, Crocs are great shower shoes. As mentioned before, they can get wet without consequence. Also, I can show some school spirit with the charms. They are also perfect to slip on easily if I need to leave my room quickly to take out the trash or wash dishes. Sure, you could get a pair of flip flops or slides, but why buy those when you can get Crocs?


5. Crocs Are Fun


Credit: Amazon

The last, but certainly not least, thing that makes Crocs amazing is the fact that they are just fun! There are tons of different colors to choose from in the classics, not to mention the dozens of different charms (a.k.a jibbitz) you can use to personalize your clogs. You could decorate your Crocs in a Disney theme, a Marvel theme, a summer theme, or a winter theme. There are too many charms to count! There are not many shoes out there that can have a different style every day, but, thanks to Crocs, every single pair can be unique.


In the end, I can’t make you go buy a pair of Crocs. However, I hope I have changed your perception about Crocs to see that they are not just shoes, but a way of life. A fun, unique, and comfortable way of life that I hope all of you will get to experience. Crocs are comfortable, practical, stylish, fun, and, truly, everything you need in a pair of shoes. The search to find the perfect pair of shoes is over.


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