The Trendy Truth: What Having Glasses is Really Like

If you don’t have glasses, I’m sure you’ve asked your friends a few times if you can try theirs on. I know this has happened to me a lot. I remember that even when I was little, I would always ask to try on my mom’s glasses. Then the time came when I actually needed glasses and the fun of trying them on vanished. Sure, they can be stylish, but they are also a huge pain.

I have a friend who says she wants glasses, even if she doesn't have a prescription. There are many people who get glasses just for style purposes, but I still don’t understand why anyone who doesn’t need them would want to have them. They are such a burden all the time.

Here are four reasons why having glasses really sucks:

1. They are inconvenient.

Credit: Lex Peranza

If you want to see anything at all, you have to put on your glasses. If you’re about to sleep and then a friend says “hey, look at this!” you have to say “one sec” and then take a solid 30 seconds to find them and then put them on. Also, you can’t just wake up in the morning and see the wonderful world around you like lucky people who don’t need glasses; you have to wake up to random blobs. Depending on your prescription, it might not be this extreme. But for me, if I’m not wearing my glasses, I can’t make anything out and usually end up thinking that my desk is a monster.

2. They have magic powers.

Credit: IMGFlip

Glasses get dirty so easily, it’s almost like magic. I don’t think I have ever worn my glasses completely spot free. Even .2 seconds after cleaning them, they somehow have a smear on them. Wearing them in the rain is awful. When there’s a bunch of little water droplets on the lenses, it’s very difficult to see. The worst part is that when you try to wipe off the water droplets, it just gets worst. Glasses seem to have a mission to stay unclean as much as possible.

3. They prevent you from wearing other things.

Credit: CNET

Wearing 3D glasses or sunglasses is pretty difficult. Sure, there are contacts or prescription sunglasses to help with that, but that’s even more money on top of the already expensive glasses. You either have to choose between being blinded by the sun, not being able to see through the sunglasses, or get really big sunglasses to go on top of regular glasses, and none of those options are great. In the end, it’s usually worth it to buy contacts or prescription sunglasses.

4. They can’t seem to stay in the right place.

Credit: Imgur

Glasses are supposed to cover your eyes, but they don’t seem to like to stay there. If glasses aren’t fitted perfectly, they constantly fall down your nose. Even if they are fitted, I usually find myself pushing them up my nose multiple times a day. It’s also a pain to try and wear them lying in bed because, if you want to lay on your side with your cheek on your pillow to watch a movie or read a book, the glasses move out of the right position or go crooked and uncomfortable. Glasses just refuse to make it easy.

Glasses truly aren’t as great as some people make them out to be. Sure, they can be fun to pick out and a cute fashion statement, but they are usually inconvenient and difficult to keep clean. In the end, if you don’t have glasses, be thankful.


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