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Trendy And Sustainable: The Best Online Platforms For Second-Hand Finds

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Whether you’re looking for a way to shop sustainably or are just on the hunt for clothes that will set you apart, shopping second-hand is the perfect place to start!

With the rise in popularity of online second-hand shopping, it’s now just as easy as shopping online at your favorite full-price retail stores. Second-hand shops may even have some of your most wanted pieces for a less expensive price. Follow along as I tell you my favorite second-hand platforms and give you some insider tips for navigating these sites!


I have found my favorite clothing pieces on Thredup, and it has quickly become one of my go-to websites when I want new clothes. All you have to do is search for specific brands or clothing items, and you can find your favorite pieces for up to 90% off! The clothes range from new with tags to vintage finds that allow you to have truly unique pieces.

The sheer amount of clothing on the site can be overwhelming. So, to make it easier, search for your favorite brands and check off your price range and specific items you want first. This will make your clothing list much smaller and focus on what you want!

Also, I’ve found it helpful to favorite an item when I find a new brand I like. This way, when I’m looking for clothes, I can go back to this list to see what brands I should look at and what I’ve loved in the past.


Depop is another one of my favorite platforms and has been one of the easiest ways for me to shop second-hand. It has an algorithm that will track your style and recommend items you’ll like. Users can also create accounts to buy or sell clothing and can message sellers before buying to ask questions and confirm they’re reliable. Simply follow the accounts you want to see more of, favorite the pieces you like, and the algorithm will do the rest!

Be sure to look at the home page where you can find a “suggested for you” and “$20 and under” section that is cultivated to fit your style. One tip I also have is to search through your favorite sellers’ personal likes list and see what items they want. This is an easy way to find clothes without spending the time to search.

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Similar to Depop, this platform allows people to buy and sell items on their own and has created a community of over 75 million second-hand shoppers! Just search for specific brands or items, and the algorithm will create recommendations based on your search history. It’s also important to do your research on sellers and brands before buying to achieve the best results in your purchases!

I would recommend plugging in keywords, such as Y2K, boho, or brand names, while searching to find specific aesthetics. Also, switch the sorted category from most relevant to new. This will bring the best clothes to the top since most people have not seen them.


Most of us have heard of eBay. But what you may not know is that it’s the perfect place to find some staple wardrobe pieces! If you’re ever on the lookout for a leather jacket or pair of vintage denim jeans, this is the place for you. 

Buyers have the choice of participating in auctions or buying items at the seller’s fixed price. Participating in auctions and placing bids allows you to negotiate the price with the seller and, potentially, get it for lower than the asking price.

When shopping on eBay, it’s important to read the description carefully to check for any comments on the item’s condition. One way to search effectively is to look for specific brand names and put the price range you are looking to spend in. These tips have helped me find my ride-or-die leather jacket and also the newest addition to my closet: vintage Frye boots!

There are many more online platforms for shopping second-hand, but these are some of my personal favorites!

If you are looking for a way to sell or buy second-hand, try these sites out or bring your clothes to your nearest thrift store for people to buy!

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