The Trendiest Essentials You Need for Fall Spirit

Nothing says fall like Instagram feeds flooded with boomerangs of fall(ing) leaves, new boots, and of course, the classic pumpkin spiced latte. So wake up your inner basic girl from hibernation, because the perfect season is finally here! Apart from all the things that make Fall the best season out there, here are 5 of my favorite fall essentials:


1. Flannels

You don’t have to wait for #FlannelFridays to get out your warmest flannel and flaunt it with a cute vest and boots. Just finish the look with a statement necklace and there you have it! A perfect fall look.


2. Disney Channel Original Halloween Movies

Are you even doing October right if Halloween movie night doesn’t happen? Everyone knows that Halloween isn’t just for a day, but lasts an entire month. If you’re like me, grab some caramel popcorn while Halloweentown plays on repeat.


3. Bath and Body Works Fall Collection

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to buy every fall-themed candle, body lotion, and hand soap. Smelling like fall threw up on you really helps you get into that autumn spirit!


4. Fall Decor

Because nobody can really tell it’s fall if your place isn’t filled with pumpkins, candles, and fake leaves — oh my!


5. Nature

Fall is honestly the best time to be outdoors. The weather is perfect and everything is just so scenic — not to mention a great opportunity to make your ‘gram more colorful (Feel free to go overboard with all the fall puns!).


These are some of the things that make Fall my favorite season. Of course, there is a lot more to add to this list. What are some of your favorite Fall Essentials?