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Travis Brace

Nickname: Trav
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Relationship Status: Single
Sign: Leo
Major: Film Studies

How are you involved on campus: I’m Head of Layout for the Buzz, BU’s only student-run lifestyle magazine. Keep an eye out for our upcoming fall issue!

Favorite place to eat off campus: I’m a big fan of brunch, and Aquitaine French Bistro on Tremont Street has one of the best weekend brunch menus around. I recommend their brioche French toast with a side of bacon—it’s delicious. And pretty affordable.

Ski or Snowboard: Snowboard, but not well. Whenever I’m on a mountain surrounded by that much snow I prefer to lock myself in a log cabin with a good book and a warm drink.

Favorite food: Definitely black raspberry pie. Or black raspberry ice cream. I’m fortunate enough to work for berry farmers back in Virginia, so I’ve had quite a few homemade berry deserts that would knock anyone’s socks off.

Weird fact: I will never eat chocolate or peanut butter.

Favorite sports team: The Pats all the way. My parents have had season tickets since I was about 6 so it’d practically be sacrilege to profess a love for any other team.

Favorite music/band/genre: My favorite band seems to change with the season, but bands and artists that are pretty much staples are The Velvet Underground, Joanna Newsom, Fleetwood Mac, and The Postal Service. Although every now and then you can definitely catch me listening to something silly like old Taking Back Sunday albums.

Ashley Rossi is a sophomore at Boston University studying Magazine Journalism and Mass Communication. After living in a small town for most of her childhood she looked towards the city for an exciting adventure. At BU Ashley has volunteered with the Community Service Center and written for various publications, including The Buzz and College Fashionista. Her goal is to eventually run the creative department for any major fashion magazine or international design house. Ashley also blogs daily on her blog, Gossip, Chanel, and English Tea on Tumblr. In the meantime she enjoys relaxing on the beach, watching Gossip Girl and Weeds, and reading the next Lauren Weisberger novel.
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