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Top 7 Romance Movies for February

Whether you are single as a Pringle or in a relationship, February is the time to watch romance movies to your heart’s content! I’ve watched more than my fair share of romances, so I’ve compiled a few of my favorites to help you find the perfect movie to fit whatever mood you are in!

1. The Notebook

This one’s a classic! The infamous and extremely popular romance movie tells the story of Allie and Noah: how they met, how they fell in love, and how they managed to overcome all the odds. This Nicholas Sparks adaptation is a must for the month of February!

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This romantic comedy will for sure be a hit for anyone looking for a good laugh or just a fan of Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey (I swear those two can do anything). This movie is a little more on the goofy side–––it focuses on two adults living in New York whose relationship is based on two bets: one that she can dump him, and one that he can make her fall in love. The battle of the sexes makes for a movie filled with lots of drama and laughs!

3. The Longest Ride

This movie has double the romance of your usual Nicholas Sparks story. This cinematic masterpiece follows the stories of two couples, one present day and one in the 1940’s. Okay, maybe ‘cinematic masterpiece’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s pretty darn spectacular. The cinematography is beautiful, as are the parallel stories that seek to emulate the same message about life and love. Plus, who doesn’t love Scott Eastwood?

4. 27 Dresses

Not up for a sappy, dramatic romance? Try this joke-filled yet still heart-wrenching movie about two sisters who love the same man. Along the way, they discover a few things about love and their familial relationship. A montage of horrible bridesmaids’ dresses is thrown in just for giggles, both for the audience and the cast!

5. The Princess Bride

There is nothing more heartwarming than true love. Except if that true love happens to be between a princess and a farm boy that are being separated by a whole host of fantastical obstacles like fire swamps and men with six fingers. This is the perfect movie to watch with your friends, your family, or your significant other. It’s really just a must-see for everyone!

6. Pretty Woman

Now, this is the epitome of romance: a prostitute and a businessman finding love in a hopeless place. Sounds like a terrible romance movie, doesn’t it? Well, the outstanding performances from Richard Gere and Julia Roberts prove that love can overcome anything and demonstrate the power of just one kiss.

7. The Proposal

Looking for the perfect comedy combo? Look no further. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock will have you in fits of laughter with this hilarious story about a boss and her assistant getting married to avoid deportation. The two bond more than they thought they would. Among all the hilarity that ensues, they realize that sometimes love can be unexpected.

No matter your relationship status, I hope you can enjoy these movies! Although it’s not an all-inclusive list of the great romances, these are some ideal movies to watch when it’s February and love is in the air; so grab a box of chocolates and bring on the feels!

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