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Top 5 Skincare Products to Treat Acne

Have you struggled in finding skincare products that actually work? Or even products that are worth the price you pay? I have tried so many different skincare products, and I have finally found products that work for me! I have hooked all of my friends into using these products! The following products will help with active breakouts and will hopefully help your skin clear up. 

ZO Skin Health Acne Control

This product is from one of my favorite skin care lines. I have recently switched my main skincare to the ZO Skin Health regimen. My skin has changed completely in the matter of two weeks. The Acne Control product has changed the timeline for active breakouts for me.

Instead of dealing with a breakout for a week, this product cuts it down to two or three days. I apply this product to the blemish at the start of the breakout. I apply it morning and night. I swear by this product, and now, I cannot imagine my skincare routine without it!

Control Corrective Skincare Systems Sulfur Calming Mask

This mask has helped my skin stay clear! This mask is great for keeping breakouts at bay. I like to apply this mask all over my face once a week. The best part about this mask is that it can be used as a spot treatment. If I am dealing with a horrible breakout, I apply the mask to that area, and I leave it on overnight. It makes the breakout less red, irritated, and smaller.

I would recommend this mask to anyone who is looking for a product that instantly makes breakouts smaller and less irritated. This mask is great to be used if you are dealing with a breakout, but need it to be less noticeably quickly. I love to use this mask as a spot treatment before I need to wear makeup! This Sulfur Calming Mask really works wonders! 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I discovered this product about a year ago, and it has helped my blemishes go away very quickly. This product is great because it is small enough to take with me when I am traveling. All you need is a cotton swab to dip into the bottle, and then you apply it to the breakout. I like to leave it on overnight for the best results. I swear it makes my breakout pretty much healed and gone by the morning.

This product is also only $17 which makes it an affordable spot treatment option! This Drying Lotion has made dealing with breakouts while traveling so much easier!

Lush Don’t Look At Me Mask

If you are looking for a mask that leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth, and clean, then I highly recommend the Lush Don’t Look At Me Mask! I love to use this mask before I know I am going to be wearing a lot of makeup. Before prom, I used this mask during the week and the day of in order to make sure my skin looked its best for the big day! This mask totally made my skin look bright and smooth!

Another reason why this mask is so great is that it’s bright blue. Who doesn’t love a bright blue face mask? I really love Lush face masks because there are made with all natural ingredients, and the mask needs to be refrigerated. The cold mask feels so nice on your skin.

Star Face Hydro-Stars Pimple Patches

I live by these pimple patches! The best way to prevent picking, popping, and scarring is by putting one of these patches on! These are a great way to prevent a breakout from turning into a big mess.

I like to put these on before I go to bed or if I have a long period of time during the day when I am at home. These have changed the game for my breakouts and have helped me cope with acne. They are also super cute. They come in star shapes and make you look adorable!

I know dealing with acne and breakouts can be really hard, but I hope you give at least one of these products a try. I really think spot treatments and overnight treatments are the best way to deal with active breakouts. These products will change your skin in the best way possible, and will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in yourself!


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Maya is a current freshman at Boston University, class of 2023. She is studying in the College of General Studies with a major in Biology on the pre-med track, and plans to transition into the College of Arts and Sciences to continue her education. Outside of academics she enjoys dancing, working out, skincare, and shopping! She explores new places-especially coffee shops in Boston-and taking cute photos. She likes to travel around the world capturing adventures through fun videos and photos. When it comes to fashion she loves to research new trends and styles. She loves makeup and skincare. If a new makeup pallet just came out, she has it! She is passionate about meeting new people and making new friends!
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