Top 5 Favorite Vegan Cheese Puffs

I’ve had a love affair with Cheetos for as long as I could remember. Crunchy or puffed, cheesy or flamin’ hot—I could never discriminate. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, so divorcing them during my transition into a plant-based diet was painful. Thankfully, though, I’ve found some new alternatives to satisfy my cravings, and it’s almost as if we never parted.

  1. 1. HIPPEAS™ Sriracha Sunshine

    Not exactly cheesy, but they follow the same concept of a Cheeto while giving it a fresh spin: a sweet sriracha-seasoned flavor! As someone who loves spice, I wouldn’t consider them spicy by any means, but the idea of a spicy taste still lingers in its otherwise perfect flavor. An absolute favorite!

  2. 2. Vegan Rob's™ Dairy Free Cheddar Puffs

    Cheetos aren’t the only dupe-able cheese puff! This Pirate’s Booty replica maintains the same texture and flavor of its inspiration, but without the dairy! Love this stuff.

  3. 3. Takis®

    Takis are vegan! Everyone knows and loves these little guys, and because they’re vegan-friendly, everyone can enjoy them! Also, they’re a great alternative if you love Hot Cheetos!

  4. 4. HIPPEAS™ Vegan White Cheddar

    Another Hippeas entry, yes, but can you blame me? These things are so good! This variation has more of a traditional cheese-esque flavor than its sriracha-infused sister, which makes it stand out! Amazing.

  5. 5. Earth Balance™ Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs

    Another Pirate’s Booty dupe, these puffs taste incredible. The Vegan Rob’s bag remains superior, but if you’re ever in a store that doesn’t carry them, look for these!

Plant-based substitutes are ubiquitous in today’s grocery stores, and thankfully, the same can be said for cheese puff substitutes!

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